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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 48 End Recap

Although Nezha has come home to meet his parents, but because of time, it is inevitable that Xiaolongnv is in his heart. Yao Chunchun sees through his son’s thoughts, and knows that his son does not understand the relationship between men and women, so he patiently enlightens and persuades him to bravely confess. At this time, Li Jing came to Nezha’s room. Yao Chunchun wanted to let the father and son have a good chat, so he left first. Nezha had long understood that his father was not as cold-blooded and ruthless as he was on the surface, and he reunited with him, which made Jingpo For moving.

The five magic weapons were happily guarding the door, and they were still immersed in the joy of acknowledging their new parents. When they learned of Moang’s intentions, the fire dragon first sent Moang away, and then decided to conceal the matter. Others agreed. . How could I know that Nezha was alone in the room and thought about it again and again, and made up his mind to go to the East China Sea to show her heart to the little dragon girl. The five magic weapons could not stop her, so she could only go with him. As a result, when she arrived at the dragon palace, she saw that the little dragon girl had been possessed by the demon emperor.

Ao Guang remembered that he was deceived by the dark messenger and felt guilty, and immediately apologized to Nezha. Regardless of the predecessors, Nezha is determined to save the little dragon girl and is willing to be the carrier of the demon emperor, but the five magic weapons know that the spirit pearl has been reborn once before. If the demon emperor enters Nezha again, he may never be able to resurrect. The five magic weapons first confronted the Demon Emperor, but the Demon Emperor easily escaped, holding Nezha and flying out of the East China Sea, ready to change.

Seeing the demon emperor holding the magic sword to attack Nezha, the five magic weapons turned into the prototype of Nezha body. The little dragon girl was sober at the critical moment, desperately suppressing the devilish energy and demanding Nezha to leave. Unexpectedly, the demon emperor regained control of the body, and even more. Nezha bondage. Nezha forcibly gave birth to three heads and six arms, snatched the necklace of the water dancer and killed the demon emperor. However, if the demon emperor died, the little dragon girl would naturally not be able to survive. Nezha held the little dragon girl and cried bitterly, but she did not expect the little dragon girl to wake up miraculously.

The two escaped from the dead, and the joy of reunion was even better. They cherished this hard-won experience. Unexpectedly, Avalokitesvara suddenly appeared, enlightening them to spy on the cause and effect in the illusion of the son, and learned that the little dragon girl and Nezha Baitang got married. A short life. Although the illusion is full of beauty and sweetness, the little dragon girl has realized all useful things, such as dreams, and should not value children’s personal relationships, the world is huge, and there are many important things waiting for her to do.

Nezha believes that people have little love as well as great love, so he wants to do his best to help the world and maintain the peace of the Three Realms. So Nezha decided to stay in the world and continue to slay demons and demons. The little dragon girl covered her sadness and was willing to follow Master Guanyin to cultivate her character in the Zizhu Forest.

Avalokitesvara was pleased to hear this and promised to record Nezha on the Conferred God List, and then let Xiaolongnv go back to the East China Sea to say goodbye to her family, and after all the common things, she would personally take Xiaolongnv away. Nezha and Xiaolongnv gave a high-five vow and promised to see you hundreds of years later. Xiaolongnv smiled and rushed to the Dragon Palace to pay goodbye to his father and king, and begged Moang to be the co-owner of the aquatic clan after she left to protect the people of the world.

Mo Ang was temporarily ordered to endure the grief and promised to live up to the little dragon girl’s entrustment. Ao Guang was even more tearful. He witnessed Master Guanyin coming to pick up people, and the little dragon girl flew away and promised to return to the East China Sea before leaving. For hundreds of years, the little dragon girl stayed in the Zizhu Forest to comprehend the true meaning of the world. Nezha discarded miscellaneous thoughts, traveled around with the five magic weapons, eliminated demons and assisted when he saw ills, and became a folk hero Li Nezha passed down by the people.

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