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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 47 Recap

Since Moang’s gift has not been able to find a suitable opportunity to give it for a long time, Nezha finally gave it to Xiaolongnv on his behalf. Who knows that Xiaolongnv misunderstood because of this, and did not hear any explanation at all, and left with the gift happily. Since then, the misunderstanding has taken root in Xiaolongnv’s heart, and now Moang saw that her eyes were full of Nezha, and at the same time he was a little bit lost, he was completely relieved.

Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, hosted a banquet to entertain the crowd. The Little Dragon Girl planned to return the gold and silver water tokens to Shenyi Mountain, and the eldest prince Aojie could not forget the water elves and his companions, including saving her life at a critical moment. Ao Jie believed that Bai Ze and Qingluan could repair the gold and silver water tokens, so he specially asked to escort the tokens back to the fantasy world of painting, vowing to protect the water spirits.

Ao Guang knows his son’s true thoughts, but he simply made him wish, but he lamented that Ao Shun and Ao Bing could not be resurrected. Nezha knew that Ao Bing had died because of him. He felt guilty and left the meeting lonely on the spot. As a result, he couldn’t help but walked to the door of the Xiaolongnv’s bedroom. The little dragon girl hurried to chase, and the two of them complained to each other. Although they did not pierce each other’s window paper, it was self-evident.

Nezha resigned in advance and prepared to go back to Chentangguan to visit his parents first, Xiaolongnu took out the golden water token after he left, and missed the water spirit and everything about Kunlun Immortal Courtyard. Xiaolongnv cares about Nezha very much, but she is afraid that her father will not agree with him because of Ao Bing’s affairs. Fortunately, Nezha is now a hero in the East China Sea. After repeated thinking and entanglement, she finally found an excuse to explain Nezha. The little dragon girl was about to find her father to catch her breath, but she was invaded by the magic energy in the necklace of the water dancer, and she fainted instantly.

Yao Chunchun missed Nezha too much. If Li Jing and Aunt Yang hadn’t arrived in time, they would have hanged himself. Even when Li’s family was still immersed in grief, Nezha’s appearance was tantamount to unexpected joy. Yao Chunchun hugged Nezha and wept with joy, and Li Jing was also deeply moved.

Nezha told his parents about the thrills and twists along the way. Fortunately, he was safe and sound in the end, and he has grown up from this experience. He has a firm heart and understands that he should not be tempted by the outside world as easily as before, and he must shoulder it in the future. Rejuvenate the right way, the important task of reducing demons and eliminating demons.

Now that the four seas are flat and settled, let the aquarium elite rest and rest for the time being. Ao Guang said that his father is old and he wants to recommend someone with both talents and virtues from the juniors to be the master of the four seas. Originally, Ao Guang was extremely optimistic about Moang, but Moang admitted that Xiaolongnu was a suitable candidate for the co-owner, and she became a queen in the empty island.

At this time, the little dragon girl has awakened, but she changed her makeup and dress, as if she was a different person. Until they came to Ao Guang and Mo Ang, everyone knew that the emperor of the demon clan was not dead, and the soul was attached to the water dancer’s necklace. Occupy the body of the little dragon girl. However, the dragon girl’s essence is not enough. If the essence is exhausted, another carrier must be found, so the demon emperor wants an immortal body.

At the beginning, the Demon Emperor appointed a dark messenger to kill Ao Bing, only to instigate Ao Guang to find Nezha, causing him to kill himself on the spot. Later, Avalokitesvara and Taiyi real person created a lotus body for Nezha’s original spirit beads. This body is immortal, and it is the body that the demon emperor seeks. Ao Guang worried that Nezha would not come forward to save the little dragon girl, but Moang knew Nezha’s temperament and went to Chentangguan in person instead of Ao Guang.

The five magic weapons followed Nezha back home and felt the warmth of home, and Li Jing and Yao Chunchun even recognized them as children. The five magic weapons were quite touched. They knelt directly on the ground and worshipped the Li family as parents.

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