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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 9 Recap

Before killing the wolf road, Wang Wu’s brother saved his life. When he learned that Wang Wu’s death sentence was for Tan Sitong’s death, his head was hung on the Chaoyang Gate by the Qing court. He wanted to collect the body for Wang Wu’s body. Unexpectedly, Shisanligang was closed. When he learned the news, it was already three years later. Now that he knows that Huo Yuanjia collected the whole corpse for Wang’s five eldest brothers, he is naturally respected as a brave hero. Killing the wolf raised his wine bowl and offered him a cup. Dao Wang’s five eldest brothers were his life-saving heroes. He collected the whole body for Wang Wu, and of course he was also his benefactor.

From Huo Yuanjia to Wang’s fifth eldest brother, he thought that he was a brother of worship, and it was justified to collect his corpse for him, killing the wolf loudly applauded it, and then he raised his head and drank the bowl of wine.

When Sha Yan saw Fearless’s apprentices, they frowned and asked, everyone is so happy to drink, why don’t they drink it? Killing Wolf Road, they were worried about their bids, and then they came to the lobby to uncover the black cloth. Speaking of the brothers in Shisanligang, they have the rules. Without his instructions, they would not dare to unveil the bids without permission. Look at these seals. Still intact, immediately ordered all soldiers to send Huo Yuanjia down the mountain.

Sending Huo Yuanjia and his party to the official road, Killing Wolf and Huo Yuanjia will leave it alone. Sha Yan assured Huo Yuanjia along the way and asked Wang Zhensheng whether he had married a wife and had children. Although Wang Zhisheng was his master, Huo Yuanjia was only one year older than himself. He had already married his wife and was about to give birth to a fat boy. Sha Yan felt sad. Liu Zhen said that although the master had already married his wife, he was not yet married. Sha Yan hated him, raised her foot and left, Gao Qi chased him up and asked them what they were talking about. Liu Zhen said there was nothing, Gao Qi said that he fell in love with Sha Yan, and hoped that Liu Zhensheng would never rob him, besides, he was already engaged in his hometown.

Everyone did not pass Huo Yuanjia, and the complete official dart was handed over to Lord Hou, the magistrate of Shouyang. Immediately taking his apprentice to stroll around, Liu Zhensheng bought a pair of tiger-toed shoes for Huo Yuanjia’s unborn son, Gao Qi bought a wooden comb for women, and Xu Dayou bought a hairpin for Xiaolian. Huo Yuanjia asked Huang Dafa why he didn’t buy anything. Huang Dafa took out a pair of earrings until it was a gift for Xiaolian, and wanted to marry Xiaolian as his wife. When Huo Yuanjia couldn’t be the master, he asked him to go back and ask Wang Yunying.

Killing the wolf returned to the village, and was asked by the neighbors why he wanted to let Huo Yuanjia go? Killing the Wolf Road Huo Yuanjia is an indomitable hero, even if he doesn’t look at Huo Yuanjia on the face of the government, he can’t cut this dart. Other village masters, Huo Yuanjia gave opium, he was helping the evildoer.

In the evening, Three Kill Wolf and Sha Yan came to the inn angrily and asked Huo Yuanjia why he escorted opium. Huo Yuanjia did not believe that he escorted opium, which was obviously a precious medicinal material. Sha Yan took him to the warehouse and opened it. A look inside revealed that it was really opium. Huo Yuanjia stopped Killing Wolf and wanted to burn the opium with fire products. He had to file a lawsuit. If the evidence was destroyed, he would never be charged with escorting opium.

On the second day, Huo Yuanjia beat the drum and complained that the official dart he transported was opium. The officials did not believe that Huo Yuanjia took them to the warehouse to check, but when he opened it, it was full of precious medicinal materials. Huo Yuanjia reported the false case and was beaten 20 times. He felt that he was deceived by the blindfold of the wolves and the group.

Killing the wolf came to question him at night, Huo Yuanjia said that they had blindfolded and deceived himself that those were opium, Sha Yan sneered. Dao, he was helping Zhou to abuse him, and then he took him to check the real situation.

Huo Yuanjia found out that Xue Xue had deceived him and deliberately let him transport opium in the form of an official dart, and then let Hu Liu trade with Hou Dianshi. Huo Yuanjia was shocked, because he was really deceived. Killing Wolf Road as long as he kills those dog officials, he can prove for him that he did not sell opium privately.

When Fearless was about to kill the dog officer, suddenly the backyard caught fire. Huo Yuanjia hesitated and left.

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