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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 16 Recap

Huo Yuanjia still chooses to believe in the court, kills the wolf and scolds him for being pedantic, and sooner or later he will die in this prison, dragging his sister to escape. The escaped jailer yelled Huo Yuanjia to escape and escape. The interpreter hurried in and saw Huo Yuanjia staying in prison. Huo Yuanjia said that he did not escape from the prison. The jailer just fainted for no reason, or saved him by himself. He said that the jailer won’t want to take bribes by himself, and he can only say that he has not slept well these few days. , Just passed out. The interpreter sneered and took Huo Yuanjia away and let the two Frenchmen seriously injured him. Fortunately, Master Bei brought Nong Qiansun and others to rescue him in time. Nong Qiansundao can’t leave Fearless here anymore. He is willing to double the gold bar and take people away immediately. Master Bei is unwilling. Fearless going out like this will discredit the concession. He would heal Huo Yuanjia, but he could not guarantee his safety unless they could send someone in to protect him, but the concession was not easy to enter.

When Huang Dafa heard this, he ran out quickly, wounded two foreigners who were strong women, and went to the rent prison to protect Huo Yuanjia.

Wang Yunying arrived in the capital with his testimony. Master Xu’s car was stopped in the street. Master Xu was unwilling to accept it. Fearless’s matter involved Ying Si and the concession. She said that she didn’t want to take this hot potato and couldn’t hold Wang Yunying in the rain. Alarmed the imperial court, asked Ying Si to return to Beijing to clarify the matter, let the Tianjin government deal with foreigners, and let them release.

Nong Qiansun secretly sighed that Huo Yuanjia had taken a good wife. Ying Si knew about it and was so magnificent. He did not expect that Wang Yunying would go to Beijing to sue the imperial court. He scolded him for being a bunch of rubbish, and said that the snake brothers wanted to take refuge. They, then go to the Huo family’s youngest and give him a meeting ceremony, and let his subordinates look for an interpreter. No matter what method is used, Huo Yuanjia must be killed.

The interpreter couldn’t escape Ying Si’s minions, but was still caught. Ying Si asked him to give Fearless morphine, and when he was addicted and skinny, he could choke him with one hand. In the prison, Huo Yuanjia woke up from an injury, seeing Huang Dafa, Taoist foreigners bullying the Chinese, they should be self-improvement, not to be bullied by foreigners, after talking about the injury, he fainted. The interpreter took the opportunity to pretend to treat Huo Yuanjia with foreign doctors and gave him morphine.

In the evening, Wang Yunying called Xiaolian. On the way back to Beijing, she saw that Dayou Xu liked Xiaolian, and Xiaolian also liked her. She wanted them to become a husband and wife, and both of them were very happy. When Xu Dayu went to watch the night, the Snake Brothers attacked and were beaten away by the two. Before leaving, Sha Yan used a hidden weapon when he saw this scene on the tree, but also used a hidden weapon. Gao Qi and Xu Dayu chased them out. They were very happy to see Sha Yan. The Snake Brothers saw that they were unprepared and used a hidden weapon again. Gao Qi was injured in order to save people. He was worried about Sha Yan and killed them in furious anger. dead.

Back in the house, Liu Zhen said that he killed someone and waited for the master to come back and drive him out of the master’s door. Gao Qidao those people came to his family, uh, and he was to protect Sha Yan. As long as they didn’t tell, the master wouldn’t know. of. Liu Zhensheng did not want to lose another brother, and reluctantly promised him that he would not say it out. Sha Yan and Xu Dayu also promised to keep him secret. But these were all overheard by Huo Dongsheng who was outside the door.

In the prison, Huo Yuanjia’s injury has improved, but she will be particularly uncomfortable after a while, so Huang Dafa asks a foreign doctor to give him an injection. Every time he finishes the injection, he feels much better.

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