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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 15 Recap

If Liu Da Rendao is good at attacking the camp, how can he be sneaky, it must be the thief who broke into the private house and ordered the officers and soldiers to do it. Ying Si was helpless and could only reveal his identity. Master Liu was misunderstood. He thought it was a gangster who broke into Tianjin, but he did not expect it to be someone who was good at fighting camp. Ying Si knew he and Huo Yuanjia’s biological father Horn First friend, presumably this should be done deliberately. Master Liu denied it, but Nong Qiansun overheard the conversation between Ying Si and his subordinates and wanted to kill the Huo family to vent his anger, so he hurried to ask Master Liu for help. Master Liu was worried about the incident that Ying Si tied him up to destroy Huo Jiaman two years ago. Now he is back under the jurisdiction of the court, and he will no longer let Ying Si kill innocent people under the banner of the court.

The Huo family’s youngest turned to the ruined temple overnight, and the Eagle Four returned without success. Huo’s house was already safe, and Nong Jinsun allowed them to go back. When Sha Yan arrived in Dongguang County, Fei Ge sent a book to his brother to kill the wolf and told him about Huo Yuanjia. If the wolf disagrees with Dao Huo Yuanjia, people who do not know how to work should not help him. Sha Yan defended Huo Yuanjia, and he was not allowed to say that about her master. She was shocked at how she had worshipped Huo Yuanjia as her teacher and how to marry him? Shayan Taoist Master Niang was the best woman she had ever seen. She let go of her feelings for Huo Yuanjia. She had no choice but to help her. younger sister.

When Xue Xue learned that Huo Yuanjia had been arrested, he finally had a bad breath in his heart. If it hadn’t been for Huo Yuanjia, his batch of opium wouldn’t have been lost, and it would have blocked his way of promotion and fortune. Sha Yan secretly sneaked into Xue Xuezhong and kidnapped him to tell the truth about the matter. Xue Xue was afraid to tell the truth one by one. It was Ying Si who asked him to frame Huo Yuanjia and write a confession under the abduction. The Sha brothers and sisters were deceived by Xue Xue, and Sha Yan killed Xue Xue with a dart at a critical moment. Killing Xuelangdao killed Xue Xue’s testimony to be useless.

When the two returned to Tianjin, Nong Qiansun blamed them and told them to leave quickly, so that Huo Yuanjia should not be involved. Wang Yunying comforted them, saying that they would be in danger if they didn’t leave, and the two brothers and sisters had no choice but to leave. Suddenly rescuing Huo Yuanjia fell into a deadlock.

Master Bei came to Huo Yuanjia to fight again. Huo Yuanjia said that he was innocent, and he didn’t want to fight him. He didn’t go to the murderer to ask him what to do. Master Bei humanely said that he is a dog biting Lu Dongbin and not a kind person. If he were not in the concession, what would happen if he fell into the hands of Ying Si. I admire him very much, and he should be able to tell that if he wants to, he can take his wife, children, relatives and him to Paris, where he can become the most powerful fighter. Huo Yuanjia said that he is a Chinese, even if he died here unjustly, he would not leave his country for the sake of surviving. Master Bei thinks that he is not good or bad. If he is with himself, Ying Si can only look up to him. .

Wang Yunying decided to take Xue Xue’s testimony to go to Beijing to file a case against the imperial court, leaving the child to the care of his sister-in-law, and letting the students take care of everyone. Specially instructed Gao Qi not to go out, and there could not be any incidents on this wave. Then Wang Yunying took Xu Dayou to the capital.

Ying Si was still not angry, and thought of a poisonous trick. Killing the wolf road Wang Yunying went to the capital to ask for help is simply wishful thinking, Nong Qiansundao couldn’t wait to rescue Huo Yuanjia. The Sha brothers and sisters found Wang Da to find a way. Ying Si also found an interpreter next to Master Bei to help him deal with Huo Yuanjia. After not doing the translation, Ying Si threatened him with death.

Nong Qiansun invited Master Bei to dinner and gave them gold bars, but Master Bei was still unwilling to let go. He stayed for a month for Huo Yuanjia to accompany him to practice boxing. He also said that he was to save Huo Yuanjia’s life, if one month later If they failed to buy an official larger than Fearless, then Fearless would die if he got out of the guillotine. Huang Dafa was angry and couldn’t help but do it. Master Bei was happy that he could Chinese boxing and promised to take him there.

The Sha brothers and sisters bought the jailer and went to prison. Huo Yuanjia didn’t want to go with them. Sha Yan said that he accidentally killed Xue Xue, and his testimony was useless. Huo Yuanjia said that if he kills people, he is not regarded as his disciple, and he does not want to leave with them.

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