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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 14 Recap

Master Liu brought Xiao Wu’s body to Huo’s house. When everyone saw Xiao Wu’s body, they were very angry. Huo Mu knew that Huo Yuanjia had been arrested and fainted worriedly. Gao Qi saw Xiao Wu’s corpse in his heart. Angrily, he must go to avenge the knife, and he will return Huo Yuanjia on loan. Huang Dafa persuaded the foreign police officers in the concession to have foreign guns, which they could not fight. Gao Qi asked angrily. He was just assassing. When he saw that the foreigners were greedy for life and fear of death, he dared not save the master. He did not go by himself. Huang Dafa couldn’t stop him, so he could only follow. Liu Zhensheng and Xu Dayu also arrived and said they were going to rescue the master together.

Nong Jinsun arrived in time and asked Huang Dafa why he didn’t stop him. Gao Qi said that one of their uncles and nephews were both greedy and fearful of death. In order to stop them, Nong Jinsun tried to fight against Gao Qi. If he could Having beaten himself, he would never stop him, let him save others, Gao Qi agreed. Everyone closed the door, Gao Qi picked up his gun and went to stabbing him. Nong Jinsun took out his gun and frightened Gao Qi with an empty sound, and asked him if he was calm?

Wang Yunying came out and hurriedly stopped them from acting rashly, and then invited Nong Jinsun into the house to discuss how to save Huo Yuanjia. Nong Jinsun said that Huo Yuanjia’s accident was related to the famous painting he sent. Wang Yunying said that this famous painting was sent by Xue Xue, the magistrate of Dongguang County, and he had no reason to frame Huo Yuanjia. Several apprentices asked to go to Dongguang County to catch Xue Xue. Nong Jinsun said that none of the four of them could stay to protect their family members. In the end, Shayan said that he would go there by himself, and he would definitely figure out the matter.

Huo mother woke up and took out all the house deeds shops and gave them to Wang Yunying to give them to Nong Jinsun. She wanted Huo Yuanjia to come out. The sister-in-law was dissatisfied. She thought she would not go hungry when she returned to Tianjin, but she did not expect to take these properties away. Send it all out. Mother Huo said if she was afraid of starvation, she could go back to her mother’s house. The sister-in-law said how could she drive her away with a pair of children. Mother Huo was sad and her eyes suddenly couldn’t see.

Master Bei is French. He especially likes punching. Seeing that Fearless has a sound limb, he asked him to get up and punch himself. Huo Yuanjia was reluctant at first. Later Master Bei said that if he could receive his three punches, he could consider it. Let him go. Huo Yuanjia thought for a while and agreed to him. Wearing a bracelet and ankle cuffs, he received three punches from Master Bei, but Master Bei said in a flop, asking him to take off the bracelet and ankle cuffs and have a fair fight with him. Huo Yuanjia said that as a French consul, how could he not be creditworthy?

Nong Jinsun brought those leases to Master Bei, saying that he is Huo Yuanjia’s brother, Master Bei is humane, he should not think that he is not a Chinese and he does not know that if he is a brother, how could one surname Huo and the other Nong. Nong Jinsun said that he and Huo Yuanjia are brothers of the opposite sex in Taoyuan. Master Bei believed him, but he was unwilling to let Huo Yuanjia go.

At this time, Ying Si also came to deliver gold bars to take Huo Yuanjia away. Master Bei knows that Eagle Four has martial arts, let him compete with Huo Yuanjia in writing, if he wins, he can take Huo Yuanjia away. When Huo Yuanjia met Eagle IV, resentment surged in his heart and fought against Eagle IV.

In the end, Ying Si was defeated, and she was about to be strangled to death by Huo Yuan Jia. Master Bei put a pistol against Huo Yuan Jia’s head in time and let him release Ying Si. Then a hand knife stunned Huo Yuanjia. Ying Si couldn’t swallow this breath in his heart, Master Bei’s man-machine didn’t give him face, and he lost to Huo Yuanjia again, so he wanted to vent his anger with the Huo family.

In the evening, Ying Si came to Huo’s house with a mask, but found that there was no one inside. At this time, Master Liu brought them to be surrounded and wanted to capture them.

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