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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 13 Recap

Huo Yuanjia accepted Sha Yan as a female apprentice. At this time, Xue Xue brought a group of people to congratulate him. Congratulations that he can now go back to Tianjin. He also asked him when he would leave. Huo Yuanjia will leave tomorrow. At that time, Xue Xue took out a silver ticket to him, saying it was the dart silver used to take the dart last time. Huo Yuanjia said that the batch of opium had been burned, and how could there be dart silver? Xue Xue persuaded him to accept these silver tickets. When they return to Tianjin, they need to pay for their carriage and horses.

The old house in Tianjin has not been repaired for many years, and repairing it again will cost him money. If he is too unwilling to do so, he will send him an official dart to send this famous painting to Tianjin. Huo Yuanjia asked if he also needed an official dart? Xue Xue explained that this is a famous painting that was lost to the people during the burning of the Old Summer Palace. He has already reported it and needs to send someone to Tianjin. In that case, it is better to let Huo Yuanjia send this one for him. Huo Yuanjia agreed to accept these darts.

Huo Yuanjia returned to the old house in Tianjin with a group of young and old. Seeing Huo Yuanjia’s heart in the Huo family compound, he walked to the door step by step, recalling the tragic scene of corpses that day, and angrily tore off the seal. .

Everyone began to clean up carefully. Gao Qi and Liu Zhensheng both liked Sha Yan’s performance in front of him. Huang Dafa also found Wang Yunyingdao that he liked Xiaolian, and wanted to redeem Xiaolian’s deed to marry him. What kind of deed does Wang Yunying have? As early as the day she got married, she had torn up the deed of selling. If he liked Xiao Lian, let her ask herself. If Xiao Lian liked him, she would have no opinion. Huang Dafa went out happily. At this time, Xu Dayou also found Xiaolian and handed her the hairpin that she bought for her. Both were very happy.

Huo Yuanjia settled down with his family and told Wang Yunying that he was going to take this light official dart to the concession. He wanted to take Huang Dafa with him. He was a young master on loan, so he could take him to relax with them. However, Wang Yunying wanted him to take Xiao Wu. He walked the darts in this month. The whole family was doing work for Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu hadn’t bought new clothes for several years. He wanted to fight Huang Dafa. The same dress, Huo Yuanjia agreed, and took Xiaowu to the concession.

When they came to the concession, Huo Yuanjia and Xiaowu just met a girl who smoked a big cigarette and wanted to sell her and needed a couple of silver. Xiao Wu didn’t save the person in time. Huo Yuanjia saw a dress in the shop window by the side of the road and bought it for Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu asked how much it would cost? It takes time and materials for Huo Yuanjia to dress up, and it probably takes one or two. When Xiao Wu arrives, can he not dress up, let him give himself the money, and he wants to redeem the little girl, Huo Yuanjia agreed, but when they turned around to look for it, the little girl was gone. Under Xiao Wu’s questioning, the smoker told him that the little girl had been sold to the brothel by him. When Huo Yuanjia waited for him to give away the official dart, he gave Xiao Wu 10 pieces of silver and let him redeem the little girl himself.

Huo Yuanjia took Xiaowu to the concession and opened the door to take a look, but it was a villa. When he entered, it was already surrounded by officers and soldiers. It turned out that Xue Xue and Ying had harmed each other. On the official dart he sent, some verses that collided with the enemy and betrayed the country were written on the famous painting. Ying Si seized this opportunity and wanted to take down Fearless. Fearless and Xiao Wu wanted to leave. In the process of escaping, Xiao Wu was shot and Huo Yuanjia carried him to the foreign concession. The foreigner found Xiao Wu was dead, thinking that he had killed Xiao Wu, and arrested him.

The prefect of Tianjin, Mrs. Liu, came to tell everyone in the Huo family that Huo Yuanjia had been arrested. At this time, Nong Jinsun also learned that Huo Yuanjia was arrested.

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