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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 11 Recap

Hu Liu took Cangshan two tigers to the mountain and saw Xiao Lian washing clothes outside the house. Seeing Xiao Lian’s beauty, he became enamored for a while and wanted to rape Xiao Lian. Xiao Lian cried out for help. Wang Yunying, who was in the room with a big belly, heard the voice and saw Xiao Lian being bullied by the gangster, so she picked up the broom and hit them. Hu Liu said viciously, if Wang Ying didn’t know how to promote, even he would be killed together. Wang Yunying was neither humble nor overbearing, and vowed to protect Xiao Lian behind him, when Xiao Wu heard the voice hurried over.

Seeing Shi Niang and Xiao Lian being bullied, he went up to fight with the gangsters. Xiao Wu was actually good at martial arts and had the upper hand at first, but he wanted to fight the gangsters while protecting them. I didn’t want to wait, I was hurt.

Wang Yunying saw that the situation was a little bad for Xiao Wu, and asked Xiao Lian to enter the house and take out the big sword of Wang Wu’s big brother. Here Xiao Wu was hit by the gangster and fell to the ground. At this time, Hu Liu raised the weapon in his hand and walked towards Wang Yunying. Xiao Lian rushed to Wang Yunying with a broad knife. Wang Yunying held up his stomach and picked up Wang Wu’s broad knife. He was hit hard and Gao Qi and Sha Yan arrived at the critical moment.

Gao Qi saw Xiao Wu lying on the ground unconscious, thinking he was dead, and angrily killed the three to vent his anger. Sha Yan stepped forward to check that Xiao Wu was still breathing, but he was seriously injured and should be able to be rescued. Xiao Wu woke up and went to save his mother. Wang Yunying was frightened, leading to premature delivery. Unexpectedly, the senior wife of the Gao family was dizzy and unable to deliver her baby. The senior mother was too old and had no physical strength. Wang Yunying promptly asked Sha Yan to deliver her baby. Sha Yan sneered in her heart and waited for her chance. After entering the door, she deliberately called out Yuan Jia one by one to stimulate her. She also said that she was Huo Yuan Jia’s new love outside, and she would definitely not help her deliver the baby. Wang Yunying couldn’t take care of that much. At this time, she just wanted to give birth to the child safely, but she didn’t have the strength. She said that as long as Sha Yan took out the child in her stomach, if she had a chance, let the child recognize her as a mother. If there was no chance for her to say sorry to Huo Yuanjia for herself, she had done her best. Sha Yan was shocked. No wonder Huo Yuanjia didn’t marry herself. It turns out that his wife is such a man of love and justice. So I decided to help her clear the meridians and give her the strength to give birth to this child.

Here Huo Yuanjia went to find Xue Xue, implying that Xue Xue was preemptive and tore up the official documents, saying that he was also deceived. Hu Liu even secretly replaced the precious medicinal materials with opium behind his back. If Xue Xuedao did it himself , How could a sea arrest document be issued to bring Hu Liu to justice. Huo Yuanjia still didn’t believe it. At this time, Xue Xue took out a newly written official document and sent it to the Tianjin government office for him so that he could return to his hometown in Tianjin. Huo Yuanjia still had doubts in his mind. When he left the door, Liu Zhensheng went back and forth to report that he could not find the whereabouts of Hu Liu, and then he sneaked into the office and looked at the county government warehouse, which was full of relief supplies. Then when he went to Xue Xue’s room, he saw that his family also dressed very plainly, and Huo Yuanjia only then misunderstood Xue Xue again.

Huo Yuanjia took his apprentice back to the mountain and saw the corpses of the three people. His thoughts were not good. Something happened at home and he hurried back. He was very happy to hear Wang Yunying giving birth to the child. One month later, when Wang Yunying’s confinement was full, Huo Yuanjia named his son Huo Dongjue. Wang Yunying said that Sha Yan bid her farewell, and left after drinking his son’s full moon wine. Huo Yuanjia said that he did not want to keep her for a long time, and then Wang Yunying persuaded him to accept Sha Yan as a female apprentice so that Sha Yan could leave the bandit’s nest and find a good family in the future. Sha Yan was worshipping Huo Yuanjia. Being a master, let go of the affection for him.

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