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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 12 Recap

Huo Yuanjia took the robbers and tied them back to Shouyang County. At this time, Hou Dianshi fled to Shouyang County first. He found the magistrate and told him that Huo Yuanjia took a group of mountain bandits and took the people away. The prefect falsely asked him if he was sure that Huo Yuanjia took the bandits to pick him up. Hou Dianshi said that the county magistrate would definitely handle the matter and let him stay calm. At this time, Huo Yuanjia brought the robbers to beat the drums and complain, and the people also came out to see what happened.

Huo Yuanjia explained the ins and outs of the matter in front of the court. The county magistrate had already arrested Hou Dianshi and Ma Yongcai for interrogation. Under pressure, the two confessed one by one about their opium trafficking.

Huo Yuanjia’s grievances have been cleared away, and the county magistrate is far from being able to end this way. They should bring the four apprentices back. In this way, this matter was reported to the people of Shouyang County, so that their grievances could be thoroughly washed away. The county magistrate brought people to meet his four apprentices. They must have been accused of being guilty before seeing the injuries on their bodies, and now he wants to invite them back. The people of Shouyang sent out money spontaneously and set up a banquet to invite them to drink. Why is Fearless? The magistrates and the people knew that they had burned the harmful opium clean with a fire. In order to thank him, they paid a banquet for them.

Huo Yuanjia knew in his heart that this was not what he did. What he did to kill the wolf brothers and sisters regularly was only due to their enthusiasm and helplessness, so he could only return to Shouyang County. The people greeted him with drums and lions, and gave him a plaque stating a man selling cigarettes. Huo Yuanjia did not want the people to know that the bandits entered the city and set them on fire, so as not to cause panic, they could only admit it.

In order to punish himself, on the way back, Huo Yuanjia carried this plaque on his back to remind him that he had won the reputation of others. On the road, I met Shisanligang Qiuye and brought people to welcome them to drink and celebrate in the mountains. Huo Yuanjia remembered that before leaving, the prefect told him that it is better to stay away from these bandits, after all, it is misbehaving. So Huo Yuanjia refused Qiu Ye’s invitation, and when Killing Wolf saw that he said that he looked down on him, Huo Yuanjia bluntly said that they were bandits and he should not have much contact with them. Shalang left in anger, and the disciples were puzzled. Huo Yuanjia said that he offended the government, and he did not want the Shalang brothers and sisters to have much contact with him, so as not to suffer.

Sha Yan said that Huo Yuanjia was an ungrateful villain. Liu Zhenshan and Gao Qi rushed to bid her final farewell. Liu Zhensheng bluntly said that he liked her, but he had made up his mind to follow the master, so don’t let it go, but Gao Qi twisted and just gave her a comb.

Back on the mountain, Killing Wolf saw that his sister was really concerned about Huo Yuanjia and asked Qiu Ye to give her an idea and let her follow. As long as Huo Yuanjia’s original partner died, she would have a chance. Sha Yan thought this was a good way, so she followed Huo Yuanjia all the way. Huo Yuanjia knew that she was following her, but didn’t know what she wanted to do, so she didn’t break her. Passing a forest, Sha Yan met a tiger. Huo Yuanjia hurried to rescue her, but he was also seriously injured. Back at the inn, Sha Yan said that he was not an ungrateful villain in order to save his life, and he was even more happy with him in his heart.

Hu Liu fell off the cliff but did not die. He returned to Dongguang County with injuries all the way and told Xue Xue that the transaction had failed. Xue Xuexian held him firmly and went out to pick up the official documents sent by Shouyang County. Xue Xue had no choice but to Put Hu Liu down to the prison first.

Huo Yuanjia asked Gao Qi to bring a plaque, first went to the mountain to report his mother’s safety, and then asked Huang Dafa and Xu Dayou to find Hu Liu’s whereabouts. At this time, Xue Xue gave Hu Liu Daonian the key to let him go because he had followed him for many years. Hu Liu took two of the Cangshan Five Tigers out of the prison gate, unable to swallow this breath, and wanted to go to the mountain and kill Huo Yuanjia’s family to vent their anger.

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