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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 10 Recap

Killing the wolf asked Huo Yuanjia why he didn’t want to kill the dog officer. Huo Yuanjia said that if he killed someone at this time, he really couldn’t tell. These are things that bandits do, how can he kill casually? And he didn’t want to be wanted again for offending the government. Killing the wolf said, what is there to kill these dog officials and burn the opium, let him follow him back to Shisanligang as the second head, and marry his sister Shayan to him. When Huo Yuanjia had already married a wife and had children, how could he take it anymore. The two were arguing. At this time, the officers and soldiers had to be separated.

Back at the inn, Gao Qi saw the notice and wanted them to leave. Huo Yuanjia said that the opium delivery this time was not over. How could they leave? Then he said that he was going to leave the inn and let them four disciples, Wan Never leave the inn a step.

Huo Yuanjia came to the county office again and beat the drums to complain. When Wei Zhixian saw that he came to play the drums again, he didn’t want to argue with him again, and praised that he was mad and he was driven out by the people and let him go.

In the inn, Hou Dianshi took advantage of Huo Yuanjia to beat the drums and complain about grievances. He went to the inn and arrested all the four apprentices, falsely accusing them of setting fire to the yamen.

On the way back, Huo Yuanjia saw that his apprentices were locked in a prison car and had to rob the prisoners alone. He was helpless with his fists and four hands. The officers and soldiers were fully prepared to fall into the trap. At this time, Killing Wolf appeared and put down the smoke bomb to rescue Fearless.

Back at Shisanligang, Sha Yan saw Huo Yuanjia feeling unhappy and told him about her childhood experiences. The Sha family used to be a big family. Her father was also in Juren. Nai’s father refused to go with other corrupt officials and was framed. He was killed, he knew that Huo Yuanjia was also killed because of the rescue of the head of the fifth brother Wang. Then he asked his brother to propose to him for him, his brother asked her to ask him the result, Huo Yuanjia, he already married, and he definitely won’t marry again. Sha Yan said that in this situation, he can only go with them. At that time, his wife didn’t have to follow him, and she would go to her natal family. At that time, it would be too late for him to marry herself. Huo Yuanjia didn’t want to talk to him any more, and had to go down the mountain to check for information. Sha Yan said that he would definitely be found out like this, and immediately dressed him in disguise.

Four apprentices in the prison were severely tortured and forced to confess their guilt. After that, a notice was posted and their heads were beheaded at 3 noon tomorrow. When Huo Yuanjia learned of the news, he was very anxious and had to rob the court directly. Sha Yan said that he would definitely not be able to rob the law field alone. Since he can’t save the four disciples, what use is the law robbing field? He gave Huo Yuanjia an idea to capture the thieves and the king first. It’s better to arrest the prefect of Shouyang County directly and exchange his life for the lives of his four apprentices.

In the evening, Huo Yuanjia came to the county office to prepare to capture Wei Zhifu, only to find that he was washing the feet of his blind old mother. Huo Yuanjia said in his heart that filial piety is the first, and will Wei Zhifu be such a person? Immediately he went in and put a dagger on Wei Zhifu’s neck. In order not to worry his mother, the Wei Zhifu pretended that Hou Dianshi came to him to discuss the official documents with him.

Wei Zhifu knew that Huo Yuanjia was the hero who snatched Wang Wu’s head back. He also had some doubts about the apprentice setting fire to the Yamen. He was also a good official with integrity. These things were also deceived by the villain, and he immediately came up with an idea for Huo Yuanjia. If the four of them were framed, Hou Dianshi did not dare to let him send the four apprentices to a higher level, and would kill them on the way. At this time, he would buy him a day and let him rescue them.

Why could Huo Yuanjia believe in those government offices so easily? If he was deceived, his four apprentices would lose their lives in vain? Huo Yuanjia realized that he had committed a serious mistake, and he did not want to be accused of murdering officials through bandits. Seeing that he spoke so badly, Shawol left angrily.

Seeing that the opium had been burned, Hou Dianshi took Yinliang with Hu Liu and sent people to hunt down and retrieve the silver ticket. On the second day, Huo Yuanjia first chased Hu Liu and then grabbed the silver ticket, but Hu Liu chose to jump off the cliff and kill himself. Huo Yuanjia turned around and was about to save his apprentice, but with both fists and four hands, the wolf-killer appeared and rescued him and the four apprentices.

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