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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 8 Recap

Tang Can is very popular in class because she often goes on TV. Everyone jokingly called her Teacher Tang. Tang Can also used this joke to drown Teacher Tang’s Fan. Li Jianjian mocked Tang Can when he saw it. On the other hand, Zhao Huaguang didn’t give up and went to the noodle shop to find Li Haichao, and said that Li Haichao kept He Ziqiu by his side only to let He Ziqiu provide him with the old age, and he could provide him with money for the old age except for one million. Hearing these words, Li Haichao was very angry and directly made Zhao Huaguang feel away.

At this time, Aunt Qian from the community just came to learn about Zhao Huaguang’s identity and affairs and asked him to leave quickly, and Aunt Qian was ready to wave Zhao Huaguang with water, and Zhao Huaguang had to leave. Because Tang Can was absent from class, teacher Tang asked Qi Mingyue to send her notes to Tang Can. Qi Mingyue called Li Jianjian to go with him.

The two waited for a long time outside Tang Can’s house before Tang Can came out slowly. Tang Can not only did not apologize, but arrogantly said that he did not want others to know where she lived, and then asked Qi Mingyue to give her notes. Qi Mingyue asked her to take notes, but she couldn’t understand it. After returning home, Li Jianjian found that his noodle shop was closed, and no one was found when he returned home. I called and asked to find out that the noodles in the noodle shop were poisonous, and they are now in the hospital.

For several days in a row, there were always various reported problems in the noodle restaurant. Li Jianjian suspected that someone deliberately retaliated. Several people couldn’t think of who Li Haichao had the holiday with, and He Ziqiu was very nervous because he suspected that Zhao Huaguang was in it.

Li Haichao told the three people that the noodle restaurant was closed for a week due to health problems, and Li Jianjian wanted to continue to question and was stopped by He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao. He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao told Li Jianjian that Dad Li must feel uncomfortable at this time, and let her digest it slowly. On the way back from the commissary, He Ziqiu sighed that if he grew up earlier, he would be able to share these things for Father Li. Ling Xiao said that he grew up not on his eighteenth birthday, but felt the weight of life at a certain moment.

The next second may be ten years or more. He Ziqiu went to Zhao Huaguang and asked if he was playing a ghost, but Zhao Huaguang did not admit it. He Ziqiu asked Zhao Huaguang to let go of their family. The noodle restaurant was their source of income. However, Zhao Huaguang said that He Ziqiu could follow him, so that Li Haichao would lighten one person’s burden. He Ziqiu refused directly, and Zhao Huaguang also let go of saying that he would not give up no matter what method he used.

He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao were about to take the college entrance examination. Li Jianjian and Li Haichao were very excited, and they drew a map of the examination room and gave them to two people, telling them not to forget to say goodbye when they passed the statue of Confucius. Li Jianjian went back to school and found that his classmates were all around Tang Can. By asking Qi Mingyue, he told Li Jianjian that Tang Can had entered the top five in 2000.

In class, the teacher asked the first few in the class to recite their own composition, the topic is my friend worth learning. Qi Mingyue was the first to read the question on stage. The friend she wrote was Ling Xiao. When Li Jianjian heard the question, Ling Xiao was angry because he did not write about himself and He Ziqiu. Qi Mingyue comforted her not to get angry and write about her alone next time.

Li Jianjian and his two older brothers celebrated their victory in the college entrance examination, and Tang Can and her parents next to her were also celebrating her entering the top five. Li Jianjian overheard that Tang Can’s mother was a cashier and his father was a driver. In the end, Li Jianjian was heard by Tang Can when he was talking about it in the toilet, and the two of them almost did it, but Qi Mingyue stopped him. The next day Li Jianjian found a box of chocolates in her seat. It turned out that Tang Can did not let herself reveal the “benefits” of her family background.

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