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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 16 Recap

Ever since Ling Xiao came back, Chen Ting has called Ling Xiao every day to send him a message to go back earlier. She originally thought that Ling Xiao was only coming back to play for a few days, but she didn’t expect to go back for so long. The next day Aunt Qian came to the noodle shop and saw Ling Xiao and Li Haichao eating noodles, so she teased that Li Haichao would choose one of He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao to be his son-in-law, and then beat Ling and Heping.

Everyone laughed, and Ling Xiao was embarrassed to say that he would work hard. On the other hand, Qi Mingyue and his colleagues were going to interview a vegetable market, but when someone broke the news that there were children crying in the sewer, Qi Mingyue and his colleagues hurried to check. Finally, after finishing the report and preparing to rest, Qi Mingyue received a call from Ling Xiao, who asked Qi Mingyue if he knew about Li Jianjian’s boyfriend.

Qi Mingyue called Tang Can without knowing it, but Tang Can said she didn’t know. Du Juan was also shocked to learn that Li Jianjian had agreed to be with Ran. After all, the two hadn’t met. Li Jianjian said that changing his identity and getting along with him might inspire his own creative inspiration. A new colleague on the side inserted a sentence saying that Li Jianjian fell in love for inspiration, and Li Jianjian generously admitted that this was his purpose.

Qi Mingyue and Tang Can waited until Li Jianjian came back, and then took Li Jianjian to ask about her boyfriend. Li Jianjian couldn’t help but told them about burning. The three people looked at Ran’s Weibo and pointed, and then they disagreed that Li Jianjian and Ran were together, because the two of them felt that Ran was a stranger. He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao were also listening to what they said about the burning situation.

He Ziqiu expressed his emotions very excited and firmly disagrees. Ling Xiao persuaded He Ziqiu to calm down and thought of a way: let Li Jianjian make an appointment to He Ziqiu’s coffee shop, and then they would go there for a while. The last few people waited in the coffee shop for a long time without seeing a trace, and finally learned from Li Jianjian that Ran said that he suddenly had an inspiration and went back to create. Then several people left the cafe.

After they came out, Ling Xiao offered to send Li Jianjian back to the studio, but Li Jianjian didn’t care. In the end, Ling Xiao had to go to the landlord with Qi Mingyue to get the rent back, and then invited Qi Mingyue to dinner. Ling Xiao told Qi Mingyue that he felt that Li Jianjian and herself were very distant now. Qi Mingyue first comforted Ling Xiao and finally said that he would stare at Li Jianjian and that Ran. Qi Mingyue’s program was broadcast on TV, and Jin Yuxiang was a little angry because she wanted Qi Mingyue to take the civil service examination.

Ling Xiao squatted at the door of Li Jianjian’s house, and then waited until Li Jianjian opened the door and pulled Li Jianjian to his door to record his fingerprints. Finally, Ling Xiao asked Li Jianjian to go to the hospital with him tomorrow for a dental review, but Li Jianjian looked for Excuse me to resign. When Li Jianjian returned to the room, he wanted to paint, but his mind was full of pictures of Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu. He didn’t expect that he would draw it out of thought. When I got up the next day, Li Jianjian found that He Ziqiu had prepared a large table for himself, and then went to the hospital to see his teeth. After Ling Xiao showed Li Jianjian his teeth, he went to get medicine.

At this time, Feng Xixi gave Li Jianjian ice cream and asked if Ling Xiao liked anyone? At this time Ling Xiao came over and said that he had someone he liked. Li Jianjian felt embarrassed and wanted to go back to the studio. At this time, Ran called and said he wanted to meet her. In the role-playing role of Tang Can, a blind date accused her and her boyfriend of living together without getting married, and then said something unpleasant. At this time, Zhuang Bei came out to refute the man for Tang Can, and Tang Can recognized Zhuang Bei.

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