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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 15 Recap

The three people were chatting in bed. Li Jianjian decided to treat He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao as relatives who hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and then decided to call them both home for dinner tomorrow, so that Dad Li and Dad Ling could be happy. The next day Li Jianjian went to Ling Xiao and told him to go home to make up for Ling Heping’s birthday. He Ziqiu said that he could make cakes for Ling Dad himself. He Ziqiu was very happy about Li Jianjian’s sudden change of attitude, but he didn’t know how to face the Li Haichao that had been raised for so many years.

Outside Ling Xiao’s outpatient clinic, a little girl clamored and refused to go to the doctor. Ling Xiao felt that the little girl went out to comfort the little girl like Li Jianjian when she was a child. Finally, the little girl asked Ling Xiao to show her teeth. After the little girl started with the doctor’s consent, Ling Xiao agreed to treat the little girl’s teeth.

He Ziqiu came to the noodle restaurant and saw a foreigner who enthusiastically translated the menu in the shop to foreigners. Who knows that foreigners speak and Sichuanese do not understand English. Finally, the receptionist at the front desk of the noodle shop recognized He Ziqiu and took a photo of the three of them. The front desk told him that Li Jianjian likes sweet and He Ziqiu likes noodles, which are not on the menu.

Li Haichao, who was washing dishes in the back kitchen, heard the front desk and He Ziqiu’s words and quickly put down his hands and walked out. Li Haichao was a little excited when he saw He Ziqiu, and He Ziqiu called his father. The front desk joked that He Ziqiu would kowtow to Li Haichao, and He Ziqiu knelt on the ground like Li Haichao without saying a word.

Li Haichao quickly helped He Ziqiu up, and then the father and son hugged tightly. After He Ziqiu and Li Haichao returned home, Li Haichao asked how long He Ziqiu would stay home this time? He Ziqiu told Li Haichao that he would not leave again when he came back, and Zhao Huaguang couldn’t control himself, Li Haichao was his father. Li Haichao said that all the expenses for studying abroad in recent years were given by Zhao Huaguang, so He Ziqiu couldn’t say that.

He Ziqiu finally told Li Haichao not to mention Zhao Huaguang, and then turned to look at his room. He Ziqiu found that his room had been cleaned up and asked if anyone lived in his room. Li Haichao told him that it was because Li Jianjian called during the day to say that there would be one more person in the house today, and He Ziqiu was sneaky a few days ago. He also found out in the noodle restaurant, so he cleaned up the room in advance and waited for He Ziqiu to return.

Li Jianjian received a burning confession from a netizen, Du Juan encouraged her to say that love might bring new inspiration to Li Jianjian, and let Li Jianjian meet him before making a decision. In the evening, the three of Ling Xiao returned home to celebrate Ling Heping’s birthday. He Ziqiu found out that he had forgotten to bring the candles when he took out the cake. When Ling Xiao wanted to get it, He Ziqiu pulled his clothes but found the scar on his shoulder. Everyone blamed Ling Xiao for being injured. Ling Xiao said that at the time Ling Heping fell into a concussion and no one told him, Li Jianjian said that it was useless to tell them, after all, they were so far apart. Now Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu didn’t know how to respond, and the scene became very embarrassing.

After eating, Li Jianjian said he was going to find his boyfriend and said goodbye to the two brothers. Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu were both shocked. He Ziqiu rode his battery car and hurried to chase it, but the battery car broke down halfway, He Ziqiu could only push the car. While waiting for a red light at a traffic light intersection, He Ziqiu suddenly saw Mae get on a car. When He Ziqiu realized that he wanted to chase him, the car had already driven a long way.

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