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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 14 Recap

Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao talked for a while and He Ziqiu didn’t know what to say. Li Jianjian checked the time and said that he was going back to the studio and leaving. He Ziqiu came shortly after Li Jianjian left. Ling Xiao asked what surprise He Ziqiu had? He Ziqiu refused to say just telling him that he would know it then. He Ziqiu told Ling Xiao that Zhao Huaguang could no longer control him now. He came back this time and decided to stay and take care of Li Jianjian.

Ling Xiao said how to be filial and take care of it? He Ziqiu easily said that it was the same as before, but Ling Xiao disapproved. Because the three of them have been separated for too long, the first two years were fortunately nothing to say, but now the three have faded. He Ziqiu said he felt it too, and then asked Ling Xiao if he had already figured out how to deal with Li Jianjian? any idea? After all, Li Jianjian had always listened to Ling Xiao’s words before, but Ling Xiao said that he was powerless and his feelings could only be compensated by time.

Then Ling Xiao asked He Ziqiu to go home early, and Li Haichao missed him very much. After He Ziqiu bid farewell to Ling Xiao, he started to move, the house Qi Mingyue rented to Ling Xiao. Qi Mingyue called a cleaner and wanted to clean up the room in advance. When he walked in, he saw that He Ziqiu had just come out of the shower without clothes. He Ziqiu saw someone also hurried to the bathroom, neither of them recognized who the other was.

Qi Mingyue called the landlord to inquire. The landlord said that this person is his relatives, so the house is not rented out now. Qi Mingyue refused to give up his plan to discuss with He Ziqiu, after all, this was the rented house for Ling Xiao, whom she had a crush on, and it would be embarrassing if it was screwed up. He Ziqiu was also unwilling to let go, no matter how Qi Mingyue begged, he just refused to agree.

Finally, let Qi Mingyue go quickly, otherwise he would come out without clothes, Qi Mingyue had no choice but to leave. He Ziqiu opened a coffee shop near the high school, and then used the cuckoo to make an appointment to the coffee shop under the pretext of buying root carvings. When Li Jianjian came outside the cafe, there was lightning and thunder. Li Jianjian was very afraid that the mobile phone would be frightened to the ground, and then He Ziqiu appeared.

He Ziqiu came back secretly because he wanted to open the business ahead of schedule and attracted Li Jianjian and Li Haichao, but Li Haichao was too busy to ignore the free coupon calls, so he failed. He Ziqiu took out the cake he made for Li Jianjian to eat, and Li Jianjian had just finished the tooth removal surgery and ate two bites before eating. The two did not know what to say, Li Jianjian said that he had found a good material to carve three toads and gave him to celebrate his grand opening.

Qi Mingyue told Tang Can about Ling Xiao’s return, and Tang Can complained that he was a white-eyed wolf. At this time Ling Xiao came, Qi Mingyue told him about the house, and then Ling Xiao went to the bathroom. At this time, Li Jianjian came back and complained about meeting Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu today.

At this time, Ling Xiao came out of the toilet and told Li Jianjian to pay attention to his teeth cleaning these two days. Li Jianjian was particularly embarrassed and must have heard what Ling Xiao just said. . Ling Xiao went to find the opposite person to share rent, only to find that it was He Ziqiu. Qi Mingyue asked He Ziqiu to keep her secret. Ling Xiao found He Ziqiu and proposed to share with him.

He Ziqiu teased and agreed. In the evening, Li Jianjian went to chat with Tang Can and Qi Mingyue, lamenting that he and He Ziqiu had not seen each other for many years and were very strange, and he was not used to suddenly having two more people come out. And I remembered that when my father returned to his hometown, the more he saw the unfamiliar people, the more enthusiastic he became, so I decided to treat the two of them as relatives who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

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