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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 13 Recap

When Ling Xiao returned home, he ate the noodles that Li Haichao made for himself. Li Haichao said that only he could deal with the appetites of the three of them. Ling Xiao told Li Haichao that he would not leave when he came back this time and that he had already found a job and would start working tomorrow. Li Haichao wanted to tell Li Jianjian the news of Ling Xiao’s return, so he called Li Jianjian to let her go home. He didn’t expect to learn that Li Jianjian was at the police station.

Li Jianjian went to see someone else’s sculpture and wanted to squeeze in, but he didn’t expect to slip and fall suddenly. He Ziqiu, who had been following her when he was about to slip, appeared in time to catch her. He Ziqiu squeezed Li Jianjian’s stomach twice, but he did not expect that it was his chest. Now Li Jianjian thought he had encountered a gangster and called the police.

After the two went to the police station, He Ziqiu never looked at Li Jianjian. During the conversation between the two, Li Jianjian found that his tone was familiar and pulled him over, only to realize that it was He Ziqiu. After seeing He Ziqiu, Li Jianjian was very surprised. Two people came out of the police station. Li Jianjian asked why He Ziqiu didn’t go home. He Ziqiu said that he wanted to give them a surprise. At this time, Ling Xiao rushed to the police station from home and met He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian who had come out of the police station.

The reunion of the three people was embarrassing. Everyone didn’t know what to say. Li Jianjian felt a little embarrassed and found an excuse to leave first. He Ziqiu chatted with Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao said that he had found a job in the dental hospital, and He Ziqiu said that he wanted to start a business. When they were separated, Ling Xiao asked He Ziqiu to go home with him.

He Ziqiu asked Ling Xiao not to tell Li Haichao that they were back on their own. He wanted to surprise them. On the other side, Tang Can ran into Zhuang Bei in the elevator, and he almost fell when he stepped on Zhuang Bei’s pen. Fortunately, Zhuang Bei held him back. At this time, two children came into the elevator and saw Zhuang Bei holding Tang Can, Tang Can got off the elevator very embarrassed.

After Tang Can went back, he told Qi Mingyue about his encounter with Zhuang Bei in the elevator, and he would encounter Zhuang Bei soon. After a while, Li Jianjian came back, and the two asked about Li Jianjian’s harassment during the day. Li Jianjian explained to them and went to bed, reminiscing about the three of them when they were young. In the evening, Ling Xiao told Li Haichao that he had rented a house outside, which was opposite to Li Jianjian’s rented house.

When Li Haichao asked whether to tell Li Jianjian, Ling Xiao said that now Li Jianjian is relatively strange to him. Li Haichao comforted that when they left, Li Jianjian was still with the child. Now that he is an adult, he will inevitably be strange. Then Ling Xiao persuaded Li Haichao and Ling Heping to remarry. Li Haichao said that he was used to one person.

Ling Heping returned home and was very reluctant to learn that his son was going out to rent a house. Li Haichao left and left them a chance to live alone. On the other side, Qi Mingyue took Li Jianjian to see the toothache and came to the dental hospital. Li Jianjian was very afraid that Qi Mingyue would push the room in the end. Unexpectedly, it was Ling Xiao who showed Li Jianjian’s teeth. He gently operated on Li Jianjian, and then asked Li Jianjian to look at the lamp above his head.

After the operation, Li Jianjian was about to run. Ling Xiao stopped her and then took off the mask and said: Can you not even hear my voice? Ling Xiao took an ice bag to relieve the pain of Li Jianjian, and then took Li Jianjian’s hand. This sudden concern made Li Jianjian unable to accept it for a while and then withdrew his hand. The last two chatted, Ling Xiao praised that Li Jianjian was getting more and more beautiful.

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