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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 11 Recap

After He Ziqiu punched Ling Xiao, the two of them sat on the roof and started talking. He Ziqiu told Ling Xiao that he was planning to go to Zhao Huaguang for various materials. He Ziqiu said that Ling Xiao and himself were both white-eyed wolves. Ling Xiao was angry when he heard that He Ziqiu was going to leave. He abandoned Dad Li and started fighting. Li Jianjian came up and told them to eat. Seeing that the two were fighting, they started fighting.

After personally, Li Jianjian learned from them that both of them were going to study abroad. Li Jianjian was silly when he heard that he couldn’t accept that both of them were suddenly leaving him. Li Haichao persuaded Jianjian to think about the future of his two brothers. Li Jianjian didn’t listen to her not to go abroad. Li Jianjian asked Ling Xiao if she must go to Singapore to take care of Chen Ting? Ling Xiao said it was her mother after all.

Li Jianjian couldn’t refute, and ran back to her room alone and started crying. Ling Xiao went into the house to comfort Li Jianjian, but Li Jianjian blindfolded himself in a cup and ignored him. Finally, Li Jianjian asked if Ling Xiao was originally a neighbor and He Ziqiu was just fostered in his own home, not a family at all. ? Ling Xiao said that they are a family and they will be together forever when they grow up. Li Jianjian didn’t believe it and said that if the two of them left, they would no longer be his brother.

In the evening Li Haichao got up to go to the bathroom and found that the light in He Ziqiu’s room was still on. Li Haichao felt that the child must be very difficult to make a decision now. Li Haichao poured a glass of milk and gave He Ziqiu to chat with him. He Ziqiu felt that the two of them were particularly sorry to Dad Li and Li Jianjian, and worried that Li Jianjian would be bullied outside after the two of them left. Li Haichao told them not to worry that they would protect Li Jianjian, and that their children would leave home sooner or later.

He Ziqiu said that he didn’t want to get married, so he wanted to guard Li Dad and Li Jianjian all the time. Li Haichao smiled and said not to be stupid and told He Ziqiu to take care of himself and keep in touch with his family when he graduated. Look, He Ziqiu was very sorry to see Li Haichao so sincerely thinking about him, and couldn’t help crying. The next day Li Haichao went to order Jianjian to eat and found that Jianjian was missing. He called Li Jianjian and learned that she had gone to grandma’s house.

On the other side, Ling Heping went home and found that the wound on Ling Xiao’s face learned about the fight with He Ziqiu who had gone to study abroad through inquiry. Ling Heping called his uncle and said to cut off contact. After Li Haichao heard this, he refused to let Ling Heping continue. Now that going to study abroad is a foregone conclusion, he is ready to prepare for the two to study abroad. Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu went back to their room to pack their things and saw the shoes Li Jianjian had bought for them. They felt very uncomfortable.

Ling Xiao asked Qi Mingyue to meet and told her that he and He Ziqiu were going to study abroad, and told Qi Mingyue to take care of Li Jianjian. Qi Mingyue was very reluctant to hear it and promised to take care of Li Jianjian. When Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu were leaving, Li Jianjian refused to go home to send them off. Finally, He Ziqiu asked Li Haichao to say something to herself when she returned home. Li Jianjian spent the summer at her grandmother’s house and did not go home until the beginning of school.

Qi Mingyue asked if Li Jianjian Lingxiao and He Ziqiu contacted her? And asked Li Jianjian to be considerate of the difficulties of the two of them, so Li Jianjian left without listening. When returning home, the neighbor said in front of Li Jianjian that Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu had no conscience, and Li Jianjian helped the two brothers to defend. After returning home, I heard Ling Xiao and Li Haichao talking on the phone. Li Haichao asked Li Jianjian to answer the phone, but Li Jianjian was unwilling.

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