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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 9 Recap

Shao Tianyang went to the billiards hall with his big mouth and four eyes in his self-study evening, preparing to face Chen Fei for a showdown. Chen Fei promised that if he lost, he would give up the title of Hashi’s first shot and also give Shao Tianyang his girl. Siyan and Big Mouth joked that if Shao Tianyang loses, give himself to him, and then put on various sexy poses on the side. Chen Fei couldn’t stand it anymore and said to Siyan that he would beat him if he bought it here again. . Finally, Shao Tianyang promised to introduce Chen Fei to the most beautiful girls in Qingxue if he loses.

Chen Fei deliberately picked an Italian club and Shao Tianyang took one randomly. Chen Fei would score every shot at the beginning, but he accidentally made a mistake in the last shot and gave Shao Tianyang a chance. Chen Fei was confident to tell Du Xinyue that he would not lose. Shao Tianyang on the side picked up his cue and started directly. He didn’t expect that every shot was very beautiful, and Chen Fei’s last goal was perfect. Shao Tianyang told Chen Fei that he was not interested in his girl and left. Director Bao was passing by and found that Shao Tianyang used clothes as a disguise but ran away, and then called out monitor Lin Luoyan to tell him that Shao Tianyang was skipping class and deducted 15 points from their class and asked Lin Luoyan to take care of Shao Tianyang.

On the way back, Shao Tianyang met Lin Luoyan who came to him. When Lin Luoyan saw Shao Tianyang, she robbed her of her schoolbag. When she couldn’t bear it, she snatched her schoolbag, and then the three of you passed it to me and threw the schoolbag. go with. But Big Mouth accidentally threw the schoolbag into the river. Shao Tianyang yelled and ran into the river and picked up the schoolbag. Fortunately, not many books in the quick schoolbag picked up by Shao Tianyang were wet. Lin Luoyan thanked Shao Tianyang like Shao Tianyang after taking the schoolbag. Shao Tianyang said that I really like you… Personality, after Lin Luoyan was taken aback, fortunately Shao Tianyang said the last few words.

Shao Tianyang told Lin Luoyan that if she really wanted to thank herself, she would say a word. The two younger brothers on the side would tarnish her image if they said such a thing from the monitor. Lin Luoyan said that if he said that, could he guarantee that he would not skip class in the future? Shao Tianyang raised three fingers to swear, and then Lin Luoyan whispered those words in Shao Tianyang’s ear. The next day, with big mouth and four eyes asking what was the sentence that Jiang Mufan heard, Shao Tianyang also obeyed the agreement and studied hard. Lin Luoyan asked Jiang Mufan to borrow the notebook she gave him before and found that Jiang Mufan had written thank you on every page.

When Lin Luoyan passed the playground, the boys were playing football. Jiang Mufan didn’t play very well, but Shao Tianyang went ahead in front of Lin Luoyan and showed the limelight. In the chemistry class, Teacher Liu was like Jiang Mufan. Jiang Mufan did not answer the question. At this time, Shao Tianyang took the initiative to answer the question and it was correct. Teacher Liu praised Shao Tianyang. When doing exercises between classes, Shao Tianyang changed his old style of laziness and hanging around very seriously, and the few people who had been staring at his deduction for a long time couldn’t make any mistakes.

The sudden change of Shao Tianyang made the girls in the class give him a lot of points, and some even had a good impression of him. And Jiang Mufan drove the night train again until one o’clock in the evening. In the self-study class, he was so sleepy that he would not let Xia Ya wake him up, so he said that he would break off friendship with whoever wakes him up, and he also posted a request on his head. Do not disturb note. Who knew that Teacher Liu personally came to check on the self-study situation today, Jiang Mufan was also unlucky, as soon as Teacher Liu came in, he saw him. Teacher Liu asked Xia Ya to wake up Jiang Mufan, but Xia Ya didn’t dare to move thinking about the words Jiang Mufan had said that he would break off friendship with whoever wakes up.

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