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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 8 Recap

Xia Ya showed Jiang Mufan the note. Lin Luoyan’s wish was Peking University. Lin Luoyan knew that Jiang Mufan was special to herself. Jiang Mufan immediately crossed out the Qing and wrote it to Peking University. In his mind, it came to mind how beautiful it would be to fall in love with Lin Luoyan on campus. Jiang Mufan was fantasizing that a classmate told him that Teacher Liu asked him to go to the office. On the other hand, Yan Xiaoli cultivated the peanuts picked up in the countryside into peanut seedlings and gave it to the biology teacher, and told the biology teacher: a person’s quality is not determined by the peanut gene as he said in class, but the peanut picked up by herself The peanuts that did not germinate have grown into lush peanut seedlings under their own care.

Then Yan Xiaoli told the biology teacher that she would not give up studying hard and work hard to get better. After asking Jiang Mufan’s wishes, Teacher Liu reminded Jiang Mufan that he would not fall out of the top ten in the class if he wanted to take the Peking University exam. She felt that Jiang Mufan’s goal was too large, which would make him stressed and exhausted. Jiang Mufan said that he would not adjust, because Peking University is his ideal. After speaking with Teacher Liu, Jiang Mufan came to the rooftop to relax. Lin Luoyan took the initiative to talk about Jiang Mufan’s achievements and used Shakespeare’s words: No matter how long the night is, it will always arrive.

Jiang Mufan told Lin Luoyan that she also wanted to enter Peking University. Lin Luoyan was very happy and took off a pendant from her schoolbag and gave it to Jiang Mufan, and agreed to wait for him at Peking University. In this way, the two people appealed on the rooftop, talking about their expectations for the future, and also made an agreement to each other.

Jiang Mufan’s father left him a note to encourage him to overcome difficulties, and he also noticed the ornaments on Jiang Mufan’s schoolbag, so that he should not wait until graduation to confess. When the summer vacation came, Du Xinyue called Lin Luoyan to ask if there were any handsome guys in the class. Lin Luoyan said that Qingxue is a nerd but no handsome guy. Jiang Mufan looked at his 60-point test paper and went to the audio store to buy English tapes. Is he wearing school uniform? Du Xinyue recognized it at a glance and then called Lin Luoyan who was looking through the CD.

Lin Luoyan told Du Xinyue that he was the Jiang Mufan she often mentioned, and she felt that Lin Luoyan was hiding her selfishly and not telling herself. Du Xinyue booed and said that the two of them are very suitable for making a pair, and then asked Jiang Mubai whether he liked Lin Luoyan? Lin Luoyan and Jiang Mufan suddenly felt ashamed, and then Jiang Mufan said they were just classmates. Shao Tianyang went to play billiards, everyone said that Chen Fei was the first shot, and Shao Tianyang said that Chen Fei dodged him and dared not play a game with him.

School started soon, and Teacher Liu entered the classroom and found that Shao Tianyang was not in his seat, and said that Shao Tianyang had gone to the bathroom. At this time, Shao Tianyang walked in from the back door with his bag on his back and slapped his face. The physics teacher was in class and found that everyone was not energetic, so he asked Lin Luoyan to come on stage to give the lecture. The boys suddenly seemed to be very serious about a change of individuals.

Jiang Mufan was taking notes seriously, but in the end he just looked at Lin Luoyan’s face. And Shao Tianyang, who was awake, looked up and found that Lin Luoyan was giving a lecture, and Lin Luoyan, who was watching like everyone else, was very attentive. Jiang Mufan stayed up to study every day when he returned home. He always remembered the agreement between his grandfather and Lin Luoyan and couldn’t sleep until 2:30 in the evening.

Jiang Mufan, who was in class the next day, had been dozing off all the time. The physics teacher and Chinese teacher both found him dozing off and asked him to get up to answer questions. When Xia Ya was helping him, she was seen through by the physics teacher, but she concealed her eyes from the language teacher in the Chinese class, and then the two fisted under the table to congratulate the victory.

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