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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 7 Recap

Jiang Mufan told Xia Ya that although Gao Xiumin’s role does not match her image, Xia Ya can make up. And I believe that Xia Ya can perform well. Xia Ya took the initiative and was embarrassed. Hearing Jiang Mufan said that she was petite and cute, she became even more shy. Shao Tianyang looked at the information and didn’t feel anything. Xia Ya told him that she and Cheng Yi also wanted Jiang Mufan to play the sketch. It should be very happy, but Shao Tianyang cynicly said that teacher Zhao Benshan’s sketch is really interesting. Soon Jiang Mufan started rehearsing. During the rehearsal, Cheng Yi suddenly stopped and then went to get a headscarf and two apples, because he felt that this was in line with Gao Xiumin’s role. Xia Ya put on the headscarf and took two apples, and then imitated Gao Xiumin’s generous bite. Jiang Fan felt that this was more grounded and laughed. Cheng Yi smiled and took two apples and gestured to his chest, saying, Xia Ya, you are playing a woman, and women should be like this. It made Jiang Mufan laugh, and Xia Ya chased Uttaradit.

Lin Luoyan came to Du Xinyue’s shop to return the disc, and Du Xinyue said that Lin Luoyan would give it to her if she liked it. Then the two went to eat Mala Tang together. Although Du Xinyue dressed up and matured, they were actually about the same age. Du Xinyue took Lin Luoyan to the places where she often played. Du Xinyue took Lin Luoyan to the billiards hall. Du Xinyue’s boyfriend Chen Fei was playing billiards. After seeing Du Xinyue, the two of them acted very boldly and intimately. Lin Luoyan, a good girl, felt uncomfortable staying here and found an excuse to leave. . The party soon arrived. As soon as Jiang Mufan’s sketch appeared, Cheng Yi used his characteristic northeast accent and limping pace to make everyone laugh, and Xia Ya wore a headscarf and a big red cotton-padded jacket to make everyone applaud.

The apple on Xia Ya’s chest slid out when the performance was vigorous, and Xia Ya was stunned and didn’t know what to do. Jiang Mufan picked up the apple and said to his wife, why do you hide an apple? After alleviating the embarrassing situation, Xia Ya immediately cast gratitude and admiration. When moving the table, Jiang Mufan’s picture album accidentally fell out, and when he rolled his big mouth and four eyes, he found abstract nudes. Then they shouted. After Jiang Mufan entered the classroom, two people mocked Jiang Mufan, and then questioned who was on the painting? Jiang Mufan wanted to defend, but was ridiculed by his big mouth. Fortunately, Director Bao passed by and everyone dispersed. Jiang Mufan asked Xia Ya if it was unhealthy to paint this kind of painting herself. Xia Ya told him that as long as he paints with an artistic perspective, there is no problem, and then Jiang Mufan put the painting book on the table without fear of others.

Jiang Mufan greeted him as soon as he arrived at the cafeteria Lin Luoyan, he immediately turned around and left, Lin Luoyan wondered what happened to him? After returning to the classroom, Lin Luoyan was holding a pen and talking to Xia Ya. Jiang Mufan walked to his seat and peeked at Lin Luoyan. When he approached, he saw Lin Luoyan painting his own painting. Lin Luoyan shyly returned to her seat after seeing Jiang Mufan coming back. Jiang Mufan sat in her seat holding the pencil used by Lin Luoyan, she was very satisfied with her heart. The final exam was about to come soon.

Jiang Mufan wanted to pass the exam and was ashamed. He didn’t expect that he would become the last one after the results. When he was in English class, he was called by the teacher to read the text. Xia Ya kept reminding him but he was still hesitating. Jiang Mufan was in a depressed mood, because even his big mouth could read it smoothly. Teacher Liu published a written volunteer for everyone, and developed learning methods for everyone according to different volunteers. Jiang Mufan only wrote one word and looked at Lin Luoyan. He wanted to know what Lin Luoyan wrote? Then Lin Luoyan wrote a small note and threw it to Xia Ya.

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