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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Mufan thought it was an ordinary notebook and opened it and looked at it. Unexpectedly, it was Lin Luoyan’s diary. Jiang Mufan put the diary back in Lin Luoyan’s desk nervously like a kid who did something wrong. Big Eyes and Four Mouths came in and saw Lin Luoyan’s diary and looked directly at them. Somehow, Jiang Mufan was suddenly very strong this time to prevent Big Mouth and Four Eyes from peeking at other people’s diaries. Jiang Mufan yelled at the two of them, then put the notebook back in his big mouth and four eyes and ran away.

Lin Luoyan walked halfway and found that she didn’t buy the diary and quickly returned to the classroom. Jiang Mufan saw that Lin Luoyan was very anxious and told her that she had been guarding here and no one else had seen it. Lin Luoyan thanked Jiang Mufan and sat down for a while. There was a sweet smile. After returning home, Lin Luoyan’s mother planned to take her to eat her favorite Sichuan food, but this time Lin Luoyan refused, saying that she still had something to do with her studies. Lin Luoyan’s mother found it strange, but she couldn’t think of what Lin Luoyan was hiding, and Lin Luoyan made time after finishing her homework to copy all the notes of Jiang Mufan’s missing class.

The next morning, Xia Ya happily put a notebook between her and Jiang Mufan’s desks, and she laughed very happily when she saw her with her big mouth and laughed. But what Big Mouth didn’t know was that Xia Ya had already belonged to her. Soon Jiang Mufan came to the classroom. Lin Luoyan stopped him as soon as he walked in, and then gave Jiang Mufan the notes she copied last night. Jiang Mufan took the note and thanked Lin Luoyan like Lin Luoyan, and then went back to his seat to read the notes madly. Jiang Mufan flipped through page by page.

It was full of Lin Luoyan’s delicate handwriting, and the key points of each paragraph Lin Luoyan were painted with red pen. Xia Ya on the side looked sour. Although she was very reluctant, she compared the notes she made with Lin Luoyan’s and was still much worse than others. During the breaktime exercises, Shao Tianyang led the class to deduct points. After the end, Lin Luoyan stopped him and reprimanded him, but Shao Tianyang ridiculed Lin Luoyan that this was the third fire of the new official. Yan Xiaoli was very angry when she saw the biology teacher and the English teacher eating together, and she even complained to the people on the side that the English teacher was not pretty. Lin Luoyan went to the audio store to buy jazz discs,

Encountered Shao Tianyang and his two younger brothers. Shao Tianyang deliberately snatched Lin Luoyan’s discs and flirted with her. At this time, Du Xinyue, a beautiful woman next to him, couldn’t stand it anymore. Then he came out to help Lin Luoyan and was not afraid of Shao Tianyang’s provocation. . Shao Tianyang felt that the girl asked her name very righteously and left. Lin Luoyan thanked Du Xinyue very much. The two people were very speculative because of the music chat. Du Xinyue also recommended a CD to Lin Luoyan. Lin Luoyan announced in the class that he would hold a sorority meeting and hope that everyone would participate actively. Shao Tianyang deliberately said loudly, so why didn’t the squad leader participate?

Then Lin Luoyan had a sarcasm with Four Eyes and Big Mouth. The three of them were bullies in the class, and everyone did not dare to oppose them, so none of them participated in the registration. No one in the class responded to Lin Luoyan, and Jiang Mufan took the initiative to sign up to perform the sketch with Cheng Yi. After Jiang Mufan raised their hands, everyone broke the silence and raised their hands to participate. Cheng Yi, who had originally dragged himself into the water because of Jiang Mufan, was very interesting and only agreed with a snack. Cheng Yi and Jiang Mufan are behind an actress in the sketch. Cheng Yi and Jiang Mufan first went to Yan Xiaoli and then Xiao Chang. In the end, everyone avoided Jiang Mufan because the role was unwilling to play this role. When the two were worried, Xia Ya took the initiative to stand up.

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