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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 5 Recap

In the classroom, Jiang Mufan saw Lin Luoyan picking up the trash there alone and went to help. Lin Luoyan saw the wound on Jiang Mufan’s hand and put a band-aid on him. When Lin Luoyan turned and left, Jiang Mufan looked at the band-aid in his hand and was secretly happy. After the autumn tour, everyone returned to the school. Lin Luoyan and Jiang Mufan had no seats and had to sit in the front row of seats. The school bus drove through the mountain pastoral. The students in the bus were tired and fell asleep after a day of farm work. Lin Luoyan also fell asleep and gradually leaned on Jiang Mufan’s shoulders. Somehow Jiang Mufan also fell asleep. He dreamed that Lin Luoyan said to himself in the dream that she was waiting for him to marry her. Jiang Mufan was excited to find out when she woke up. It turned out to be a dream. After getting off the school bus, Lin Luoyan said goodbye like Jiang Mufan. After returning home, Jiang Mufan found a piece of Lin Luoyan’s long hair from his shoulder, so he took it down and put it on the desk, then wrapped it up and put it in an envelope for storage.

On this day, the class was running for monitor, in order to get Xia Ya’s favor, Big Mouth was the first to come to power, and he also made Siyan support herself, but Siyan laughed. The big mouth speech on the stage was very funny and caused everyone to burst into laughter. The second one to take the stage was the first Tan Zheng, perhaps because he was nervous and hesitated and every sentence is learning and learning, which makes everyone think he is too rigid. Lin Luoyan is the last one on stage, and the finale is extraordinary. She first regards the monitor as a link between classmates and teachers, and when she becomes the monitor, she will maintain the classroom discipline of the class, and at the same time, she will learn well.

Classmates help students who do not study well to create a good learning atmosphere. In the end, Lin Luoyan talked about the hope that everyone can spend the most important three years of their lives in this environment of mutual help and mutual assistance, leaving good memories of high school. After speaking, everyone applauded, and they were all impressed by Lin Luoyan’s clear and organized speech. Jiang Mufan was also conquered by Lin Luoyan. There is no doubt that the class leader is Lin Luoyan in the end. But very unexpectedly, Shao Tianyang, who did not participate in the election at the final check-in, received a lot of votes.

The driver of Jiang Mufan’s family came to the school to find Jiang Mufan with red eyes. Jiang Mufan realized that his grandpa had an accident and the driver came to tell him the news. When Jiang Mufan arrived at the hospital, his grandfather was dying. The relatives were all around the hospital bed. His grandfather called Jiang Mufan to tell him that his grandfather could not help him, and hoped that he could be admitted to a good university. Then grandpa drove Jiang Mufan out, he didn’t want Jiang Mufan to see him leave. Jiang Mufan grew up with his grandfather, who is the closest person to him in the world. The primary school grandfather sent him to school and helped him with his homework when he grew up. The departure of his grandfather made Jiang Mufan exhausted physically and mentally, and tears could not stop flowing.

After attending the funeral of his grandfather, Jiang Mufan returned to school with Xiaozhang. The teacher and classmates all expressed concern to him. Jiang Mufan opened the pencil case and saw the pen that his grandfather had given him. He felt that his grandfather must still be looking at him in the sky and still accompanying him. Thinking of this for so many days, his face finally had a little smile on his face. The boys played basketball together, because Jiang Mufan was absent-minded about his grandfather’s affairs. After others passed the ball to him, he shot the ball without even thinking about it. The onlookers were all exclaiming. Jiang Mufan called one to take his place and then returned to the classroom. At this time, Lin Luoyan was the only one in the classroom. After a while, Lin Luoyan left the classroom. When Jiang Mufan left, she picked up Lin Luoyan’s notebook that fell on the ground.

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