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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 4 Recap

Jiang Mufan was very frustrated. After returning home, he collected all the certificates and trophies posted in his bedroom, and then posted the results of the mid-term exam on the wall in order to encourage him to study. The next day Teacher Liu asked Jiang Mufan how to pass the test like this? Jiang Mufan resigned as a teacher from the study committee. The blackboard in the biology class was not cleaned. Yan Xiaoli took the initiative to help the teacher to clean the blackboard. Jiang Mufan went to the hospital to visit his grandfather, and his pocket watch contained photos of him and his grandma, and this pocket watch was also given to him by his grandma. Grandpa like Jiang Mufan talked about taking pictures with his grandma back then. Jiang Mufan asked how grandpa determined that grandma was the one who lived with him all his life? Grandpa told Jiang Mufan what he had met with his grandma. Grandpa came back from studying in the Soviet Union and taught in a village. He was penniless and very hungry. Riding a bicycle on his way home, he met a big slope.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t push it up. At this time, grandma showed up to help grandpa. After pushing over this slope, grandpa can get home. Later, my grandfather learned that grandma had known him a long time ago, and often went to the classroom to secretly listen to him in class, and then fell in love with grandpa. After going back that night, grandma cooked a large bowl of noodles for grandpa and fried the only two eggs in the family for grandpa. Grandpa told Jiang Mufan that he could remember the taste of the bowl of noodles, and he told Jiang Mufan to not express love easily. If you love someone, you must love it for a lifetime.

Teacher Liu informed everyone in the class to go on a rural autumn tour. After arriving at the destination, everyone was first arranged to move to Baogu. Big Mouth wanted to show that he was laughed at by four eyes in front of Xia Ya. Cheng Yi moved a lot with ease. Originally, he was going to teach Jiang Mufan, but when he saw Lin Luoyan, he would not give priority to friends to teach Lin Luoyan. . Jiang Mufan was very uncomfortable to see Cheng Yi showing up in front of Lin Luoyan. Finally, everyone put Baogu on the car together, Lin Luoyan was almost hit by the slipped belt. At this time, Jiang Mufan was supporting her pocket with her hand but her hand was injured. Then Teacher Liu informed everyone that everyone had to solve it for lunch. Everyone was dumbfounded. Few people here can cook, and Xia Ya, the only cook, is afraid of oil fumes. But there is no way everyone bites the bullet, Xia Ya is still the chef. Jiang Mufan went into the kitchen and saw Lin Luoyan wearing an apron. The girl that grandpa said about cooking noodles for him suddenly appeared in his mind, and he secretly smiled.

When the meal is done, it is put on the table at the back end. Tan Zheng said he came to be the first warrior and picked a cold cucumber. Then he found something wrong when he reached his mouth. Everyone asked him if it was delicious. Tan Zheng said that delicious is delicious, but a little sweet. Yan Xiaoli said a little aggrieved on the side that she treated sugar as salt when she finished. Cheng Yi picked up another dish, held it up and asked everyone what is this dark thing? Xia Ya said he had no eyesight. This was sweet and sour pork ribs, and asked if Xia Ya made them. After receiving Xia Ya’s answer, she resolutely caught a piece and swallowed it hard.

Everyone praised Big Mouth as a true hero, and then everyone started to eat. At this time, Lin Luoyan came up with the tomato scrambled eggs she made. Everyone swarmed and was robbed. Jiang Mufan had to eat the rest. Teacher Liu took the corn and everyone suggested that Jiang Mufan’s share was taken away by Big Mouth. Just when Jiang Mufan was embarrassed, Lin Luoyan gave him one of his corn. Shao Tianyang said that he would go out to find food, and then play chess with the old man. After eating at someone else’s house, he brought some food back. Everyone gathered together to see what was delicious.

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