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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 3 Recap

Jiang Mufan wanted to find an opportunity to apologize to Lin Luoyan, but every time he was disturbed by others and failed. Big Mouth and Siyan were discussing the issue of swapping the door cards of the men’s locker room and the women’s locker room, and the organizer was Shao Tianyang, and the purpose was to make a small report in revenge for Lin Luoyan. The three people decided to continue to trick Lin Luoyan during the cleaning today, and gave Lin Luoyan a big surprise, thinking that the three people here made a successful toast with steamed buns. The girls quickly cleaned up after the cleaning started. Lin Luoyan and his group returned to the classroom and found that the classroom tables and chairs were messy and messed up. Lin Luoyan went to the basketball court to find Shao Tianyang and asked how the boys’ classrooms became like this. Shao Tianyang said plausibly that he had finished the cleaning, and Lin Luoyan directly said that it was a large-scale cleaning, not a large-scale cleaning.

After returning to the classroom, Lin Luoyan began to sort out the miscellaneous tables and chairs. The other girls said goodbye to Lin Luoyan because they had to make up classes. At this time, Cheng Yi and Jiang Mufan came to the classroom, and Cheng Yi offered to help Lin Luoyan, and Jiang Mufan also said that he would help. Jiang Mufan wanted to talk to Lin Luoyan, but was always interrupted by Uing Yi. Jiang Mufan, who was introverted, never found a chance.

Cheng Yi first praised Lin Luoyan’s recitation, and then said that Lin Luoyan still needs improvement in his professional level. Cheng Yi kept talking but made Jiang Mufan a little jealous, and then he disliked him for not doing things too much. After Cheng Yi left, Jiang Mufan wanted to apologize to Lin Luoyan, but he was too shy to remember what he wrote and was about to say before, so he hesitated to say something to Lin Luoyan to apologize. Lin Luoyan was not angry because when she came out of the dressing room, she found that it was originally a women’s dressing room but it became a men’s dressing room.

Then Jiang Mufan accidentally stepped on Lin Luoyan’s shoes while moving the table and chairs. Jiang Mufan kept apologizing like Lin Luoyan. Lin Luoyan said he was a daredevil. Then Lin Luoyan’s coin fell, Jiang Mufan picked it up and put it in Lin Luoyan’s hand, and then he became nervous again.

Shao Tianyang came to class on the bell, but was caught by Director Bao and berated him for being late for the ninth time. Suddenly another student rushed over. Shao Tianyang took advantage of Director Bao’s attention and quickly ran to his seat. After class, Teacher Liu deliberately joked that Class 3 was ranked first in the Blackboard News Evaluation. Then everyone was disappointed. Teacher Liu said that there was still our class, and the students cheered. Then Lin Luoyan and Jiang Mufan came to the stage to receive the award together, and everyone in the audience was booing that they had received the certificate. After Jiang Mufan returned home, he found that his grandfather was lying on the ground in a coma. He hurriedly informed his servants to take his grandpa to the hospital, and then Jiang Mufan’s parents also rushed back to the hospital.

After the mid-term exam, Yan Xiaoli was very frustrated that she had a bad biology test, because the biology teacher’s lecture was very boring and not good-looking. Xia Ya on the side told Yan Xiaoli that she heard that a new biology teacher was coming soon, and she was super handsome. Yan Xiaoli was a super handsome, and she could hardly sit still when she heard that a handsome biology teacher came. The moment the biology teacher came in, Yan Xiaoli was fascinated, and her deskmate who was not interested in this at all agreed with the handsome teacher. When the biology teacher talked about genes, Yan Xiaoli was very serious and took the initiative to answer questions. The final exam results came out, everyone was crowded watching their rankings, Tan Zheng was the first, Lin Luoyan was also the top few, Shao Tianyang was more than 20, but Jiang Mufan was very poor in the last few. Cheng Yi glanced at Jiang Mufan and found that Jiang Mufan must be sad.

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