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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Luoyan picked out a sentence and two people started to run the newspaper. Lin Luoyan was responsible for writing the text, and Jiang Mufan was responsible for painting. Both of them were very serious. On the playground, the physical education teacher punished Shao Tianyang for doing 100 push-ups. Everyone counted him. After the exercise, everyone applauded Shao Tianyang. Eve went to buy three bottles of water and then squatted down to tie her shoelaces. A male classmate who recognized the wrong person hit her ass, and both of them were very embarrassed. Lin Luoyan asked Jiang Mufan how did she feel after writing? Jiang Mufan felt that something was missing, and then called the driver Uncle Zhao to ask him to bring the paint from the car.

Four Eyes discussed with Shao Tianyang who was the best. Shao Tianyang said that Lin Luoyan in the room was the best. Jiang Mufan took the paint and began to paint on the blackboard. She peeked at Lin Luoyan and found that Lin Luoyan was so charming. The next day the classmates found the blackboard newspaper when they entered the classroom. Cheng Yi directly read it on the podium. At this time, the person who checked the newspaper came and saw the newspaper at the back of the classroom and scored and prepared to leave. At this time, Jiang Mufan stopped the inspectors, then drew the curtains with Lin Luoyan and turned off the lights. It turned out that the paint was fluorescent. The classmates all cried out and scored a few people before changing the score.

With four eyes and big mouth, Shao Tianyang went to the bookstore to buy all the answers to the exercise books, and the big mouth secretly hid a model magazine. Shao Tianyang spotted a few people while quietly looking at the corner and threatened them to buy him water. When doing inter-class exercises, four eyes and big mouth discussed Lin Luoyan’s figure with Shao Tianyang. Jiang Mufan was very unhappy when he heard the words of several people. In the classroom, Shao Tianyang was secretly watching the magazine in the classroom. Teacher Liu sneaked in and found that Shao Tianyang was to blame. Teacher Liu announced that Cheng Yi and Lin Luoyan will participate in the recitation competition, and Zhang Jun will be the lead operator. On the way from school, Jiang Mufan saw Lin Luoyan practicing recitation by the pond, so he recited quietly in the toilet but was heard by his classmates. The recitation contest was about to come soon. Jiang Mufan asked Uing Yi in the lounge and encouraged him. The classmates told Uing Yi to get on stage right away. At this time, Cheng Yi started to hiccup because he accidentally drank Jiang Mufan’s soda.

Cheng Yi asked Jiang Mufan what to do. Jiang Mufan slapped him on the back and asked him to drink another bottle of mineral water to dilute the soda. But when I drank all the water, I wanted to vomit or hiccup, so Jiang Mufan asked Cheng Yi to do a high leg upside down and deliberately scared Cheng Yi to want to relieve the hiccup, but Cheng Yi’s hiccup still didn’t stop. At this time, a student holding a flower basket passed by and accidentally hung it on Cheng Yi’s body. Cheng Yi blamed this student for his own clothes for the competition. How can he participate in the competition if his clothes get dirty. At this time, Jiang Mufan found out from the conversation that Cheng Yi had not hiccuped, and at this time he also informed Cheng Yi that he had come on stage. Cheng Yi recites Farewell to Cambridge on the stage. Everything was normal at first, but he hiccups and made the audience laugh, so he had to step down quickly.

Jiang Mufan went to find Uing Yi but didn’t know why Lin Luoyan was in the men’s locker room, and then Jiang Mufan apologized like Lin Luoyan. Lin Luoyan soon went to the stage to recite. Her recitation on stage was very emotional and perfect. Everyone applauded, and Jiang Mufan was also deeply attracted. In the evening Jiang Mufan remembered that he had strayed into the dressing room and Lin Luoyan’s brilliance on the stage, decided to put his feelings in his heart and apologize to Lin Luoyan. Jiang Mufan was late the next morning, and the teacher blamed him for being late as soon as he became a study committee member. During the class, Jiang Mufan was writing a note and wanted to apologize to Lin Luoyan, but he always felt that the writing was wrong, and then watched Lin Luoyan in the classroom at a loss.

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