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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 12 End Recap

Jiang Mufan back to the classroom and bumps into Lin Luoyan because of Shao Tianyang and Jiang Mufan is jealous

After the chorus competition, Lin Luoyan became famous and attracted the attention of all boys in the school. Some people even said that this woman should only be in the sky, and how can she not see it several times in the world. Many boys rushed to the class to ask Lin Luoyan to confess. Jiang Mufan met a boy at the door of the classroom and asked him to call Lin Luoyan out. Jiang Mufan asked him if he could help him if he had anything to do with Lin Luoyan.

So the boy said that he didn’t need Jiang Mufan’s help. The boy rushed to the classroom to ask Lin Luoyan to confess, but Lin Luoyan ignored him at all, so she ran away frustrated and said that she was broken in love. Jiang Mufan forgot the physics test papers at school and prepared to go back to the classroom to pick them up. As soon as he arrived outside the classroom, he noticed that there was movement in the classroom. The boys from outside class were using torches to read the poems posted by Lin Luoyan next to the desk. All of them were Lin Luoyan doing whatever he wanted Poems. There is also Cheng Yi, who also has a crush on Lin Luoyan, persuaded this boy. Lin Luoyan is the moon and they are the stars surrounding the moon. There is only one moon and there are many stars.

At this time, the sound of Jiang Mufan’s footsteps was heard by the people inside, thinking it was Director Bao coming, and he hurried away.

When Jiang Mufan walked to the classroom, he saw the post-it notes they had read before and turned on the flashlight to read it. At this time, Lin Luoyan came in and suddenly turned on the light to startle Jiang Mufan. Jiang Mufan became a little nervous when he saw that it was Lin Luoyan. He hesitated to explain that he just saw someone peeking at post-it notes in her seat, and wanted to see if they had posted anything indiscriminately.

Then Jiang Mufan asked Lin Luoyan why she was still in school? Lin Luoyan told her that she was in Teacher Liu’s office before. Jiang Mufan felt a little embarrassed and wanted to leave first. Lin Luoyan stopped him and said that he had forgotten to take the physics test paper. Jiang Mufan remembered that he came back to school to take the physics test paper, so he took the paper and left. Lin Luoyan looked hesitant. Looking at Jiang Mufan’s leaving figure.

The final exam results finally came out. This time Jiang Mufan was finally not at the bottom. Although it was only above the middle level, it was also a good result, but Lin Luoyan did not perform well in the top ten. However, Shao Tianyang did not skip class recently and listened to the lectures. It was not much different from Lin Luoyan. Looking at the results of the two of them, Jiang Mufan secretly told himself that he needed to work harder.

During the vacation, Jiang Mufan still did not relax and study. He set up a time schedule for himself. After completing one item, he used a pen to enter one item. He arranged his time fully every day. Suddenly one day the family told Jiang Mufan that a classmate called him. Jiang Mufan received the call and found that Shao Tianyang asked him to go to the park. In the end, Shao Tianyang did not go. Jiang Mufan often dreamed of Lin Luoyan, so she ran to the video store to have a chance to see her. As soon as she arrived, she heard Lin Luoyan and Du Xinyue talking.

At this time Lin Luoyan and Du Xinyue were watching the video they went out to play that day. Du Xinyue said that Lin Luoyan and Shao Tianyang were too sweet. Jiang Mufan saw that the video was of Shao Tianyang and Lin Luoyan playing in the park, and felt a little uncomfortable. Lin Luoyan was also anxious and told Du Xinyi to stop talking about it. Finally Jiang Mufan took a CD watch and left. Du Xinyue teased that Jiang Mufan was an innocent niche. Soon the holidays ended and school started. Everyone gathered together to prepare a gift for the teacher on Teacher’s Day. Jiang Mufan left with a schoolbag. When Jiang Mufan arrived in the classroom the next day, Shao Tianyang sat next to Lin Luoyan and told Lin Luoyan that the math teacher was very difficult. If you do, but you like Jiang Mufan, you can ask Jiang Mufan to give gifts to the math teacher. So Lin Luoyan wrote a note and threw it to Jiang Mufan.

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