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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 11 Recap

The midterm exam results showed that Jiang Mufan’s results did not improve much. Although he stayed up all night to study, the effect was not good. Cheng Yi told him that it would not work to improve his grades by staying up late, and he needed to find a learning method that suits him. Jiang Mufan also felt that it made sense to find his own learning method, so he collected the wrong questions in the wrong question book, and seized the fragmentary time to reduce the number of staying up late, and finally concentrated in class during the day. The girls all ran to ask Lin Luoyan that Shao Tianyang’s acting skills were so good, whether she had a special feeling when she played with Shao Tianyang, but Lin Luoyan changed the subject directly, and Jiang Mufan felt relieved.

Teacher Liu asked the whole class to actively participate in the chorus competition reported by the city. Lin Luoyan was selected as the female lead singer, but the male lead singer originally thought Cheng Yi had a good tone, but he didn’t expect Cheng Yi to have a bad tone. Then Shao Tianyang deliberately disturbed the singing music teacher but thought that he sang very well, and let him be the male lead singer. So Lin Luoyan and Shao Tianyang had to stay alone to practice every day. When Teacher Liu passed by, the teacher in the music classroom praised Shao Tianyang a lot. This made Teacher Liu very surprised that Shao Tianyang was a bad student with no learning and skill. Lin Luoyan approached Teacher Liu and said that there was not enough manpower on the day of the competition, and she wanted to call a friend to help. Du Xinyue went into the school of Qingxue to be unique and caused a commotion among boys.

The chorus Shao Lin Luoyan went to help Jiang Mufan put on makeup, Du Xinyue came in and said that he would put on Jiang Mufan’s makeup. This disappointed Jiang Mufan but there was no way. Lin Luoyan was assigned to Shao Tianyang to make-up. In order to make Lin Luoyan stay a while, Shao Tianyang deliberately messed up while applying lipstick, and the lipstick was painted directly on his face. Lin Luoyan smiled when she saw the lipstick on Shao Tianyang’s face covering her mouth. On the other hand, Du Xinyue put makeup on Jiang Mufan, but Du Xinyue’s clothes were too revealing. Jiang Mufan didn’t dare to look and closed his eyes, who knew he fell asleep without knowing it. Du Xinyue told him that he didn’t respond and knew that he must have fallen asleep, so he looked around and no one was going to tease him, and then secretly smeared nail polish on Jiang Mufan’s hands. Xia Ya ran over after seeing it from the side. Du Xinyue took out various colors of nail polish from her bag and decided to complete their masterpiece with Xia Ya. When Lin Luoyan saw it, she said how could two people tease male classmates like this? Then the two of them put down their nail polish in embarrassment.

Who knows. Then Lin Luoyan said that their paintings were not professional at all and not good-looking, so she let her come. Then Lin Luoyan took over the nail polish and began to create. Yan Xiaoli on the side also joined the spring to see that the nail polishes were all Chanel and couldn’t help but sigh their luxury. In fact, Jiang Mufan was already awake when Lin Luoyan spoke, but Lin Luoyan pretended not to wake up when he came to paint, and then when he finished painting, he woke up to express his dissatisfaction, and then said that the painting was actually pretty good, so he used it as a manicure, which caused the girl next to him Everyone kept laughing.

The chorus of the class “Sacred Fire” was very successful, and finally won the first place in the city chorus competition. As the lead singer, Lin Luoyan and Shao Tianyang looked at each other and then both laughed. Du Xinyue next to Jiang Mufan was very excited and wanted to hug Jiang Mufan, but he didn’t expect Jiang Mufan to avoid Du Xinyue’s active hug without giving any face. In the evening Jiang Mufan had a dream. In the dream, he was presenting flowers to Lin Luoyan, and told Lin Luoyan Ithinkyou’rethebest in English. When he was ready to give Lin Luoyan a hug, he suddenly became an audience. The person on stage was not already Shao Tianyang.

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