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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 10 Recap

Xia Ya has been hesitant. When Teacher Liu was about to ask Xia Ya, Jiang Mufan sat up suddenly. Teacher Liu said that Jiang Mufan woke up at a good time and then returned to the podium. Teacher Liu found that many other students in the class were also dozing off, and then Teacher Liu told everyone that although the spirit of learning at one or two o’clock is commendable, but you can’t let go of everything. The lessons during the day are more effective than driving the night train at night. I hope everyone can ensure enough sleep. After class, everyone gathered to discuss how to avoid sleepiness. Tan Chao recommended everyone to drink tea. Lin Luoyan also said that she likes tea, especially Tie Guanyin. Shao Tianyang also leaned over to introduce the role of Tieguanyin and the popular science Tieguanyin.

I want to come and have a topic in common with Lin Luoyan. Jiang Mufan came over and said a word and then took all of Lin Luoyan’s attention. Jiang Mufan asked the driver to send all the tea from his home for everyone to share. Everyone was very grateful to him. But what Jiang Mufan and Xia Ya said before, Xia Ya’s buying coffee for him was completely forgotten. Xia Ya saw the tea leaves and cups on Jiang Mufan’s table, so she could only hide the coffee bag she bought for Jiang Mufan behind her.

Jiang Mufan completely forgot about this incident. He didn’t realize the coffee pods in Xia Ya’s drawer until the things fell to the ground and picked them up. He felt a little guilty. Xia Ya was very upset because of this. She fell over and fell on the road after school. Lin Luoyan passed by and saw Xia Ya who was rubbing her knees on the roadside, so she squatted down to help Xia Ya’s shoelace. Fasten. Xia Ya saw the pendant on her schoolbag when Lin Luoyan squatted down.

Jiang Mufan also has one of this ornament. Then Lin Luoyan helped Xia Ya back home. In order to apologize like Xia Ya the next day, Jiang Mufan bought a large bag of qq candy that Xia Ya liked to eat. Xia Ya forgave him greatly and happily ate the candy Jiang Mufan gave her. The Chinese class just talked about the drama unit, the teacher asked everyone to play in groups to experience the charm of drama. In this way, Jiang Mufan and Xia Yalin, Luoyan, Yan Xiaoli and Xiaochang were in a group. Jiang Mufan proposed that the part of the Titanic should not be repeated with other groups. At this time, everyone asked Jiang Mufan to play Jack. Jiang Mufan originally wanted to refuse, but Yan Xiaoli said that he was the only man he would not play. After hearing that Lin Luoyan would play the Titanic, Shao Tianyang told the Chinese teacher Jiang Mufan that the group lacked boys and their group lacked girls, so he suggested that the two groups be combined into one group, and the teacher agreed.

When Lin Luoyan and Jiang Mufan rehearsed the section that gave me their hands, Shao Tianyang said that Jiang Mufan’s hands were too trembling, and then put Lin Luoyan’s hand on his own for a demonstration, and then took Lin Luoyan’s hand to perform the classic Titanic action. In the end, Lin Luoyan returned to Jiang Mufan to rehearse. Lin Luoyan also agreed with Shao Tianyang’s lines that say you and I dance in the original English, but Jiang Mufan’s English pronunciation is not standard, so everyone recommends Shao Tianyang to play Jack.

Finally, Shao Tianyang and Lin Luoyan finished the performance of the Titanic. Shao Tianyang’s performance was very devoted and emotional, which made the classmates and teachers cry. In the process of acting, the two people can’t avoid being intimacy, and Jiang Mufan can only watch silently beside him, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart. After the performance, everyone applauded, and the teacher also asked the group of people to come on stage to accept the praise. Although Jiang Mufan also went up, he felt that the protagonist was not just a bystander, and he was still a little disappointed.

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