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The Wood 一根木头 Episode 1 Recap

In the morning, Jiang Mufan was woken up by the alarm clock. Today is the day he reported on the first day of high school. He quickly got up to brush his teeth and wash, then went downstairs to say hello to his grandfather and quickly picked up the bread and milk on the table to eat. Grandpa told Jiang Mufan not to choke. Jiang Mufan bid farewell to his grandfather, who told him to pay attention to safety. After Jiang Mufan went out, he got into the family car. The driver, Uncle Zhao, quickly drove to the school. At a traffic light, a skateboard boy was speeding on the road on his skateboard. This boy was Shao Tianyang. At this time, the green light was on and Shao Tianyang did not see the green light. The car made by Jiang Mufan just started very fast, and it was about to hit Shao Tianyang.

Fortunately, the driver stepped on the brake. Soon Jiang Mufan arrived at the school, and after questioning the teacher at the door, he went in to check the placement table on the campus announcement board. At this time, Lin Luoyan was also here to check her placement. The two accidentally collided and Jiang Mufan accidentally hung up. When she reached the doll on Lin Luoyan’s schoolbag, she bowed her head and wanted to pick it up, and Lin Luoyan also bowed her head to pick it up, and the two heads bumped together. Jiang Mufan apologized like Lin Luoyan and said that he was willing to pay her a new one, but Lin Luoyan took the doll and said that he didn’t need it and left. At this time, Cheng Yi ran out to greet Jiang Mufan and told him that he was in the same class as him, and then the two went to the classroom together.

The classmates in the classroom were saying hello to each other, Jiang Mufan went in and randomly found a place to sit down and then took out his own notebook to paint. At the same table, a girl called Xia Ya took the initiative to greet him, and always wanted to see what he drew, but Jiang Mufan refused to show her. Just then Lin Luoyan entered the classroom from outside, the classmates in the classroom were all attracted by this big beauty and Jiang Mufan was also fascinated. Then teacher Liu, the head teacher, came in and found out that Shao Tianyang was missing. At this time, Shao Tianyang was stopped by a teacher at the school gate. The teacher accused Shao Tianyang of not allowing skateboarding at the school and the uniform must be worn on him. Then the teacher took Shao Tianyang to his class. Teacher Liu encouraged everyone to work harder in the classroom, and said that the school would hold a recitation contest and blackboard newspaper appraisal.

Then Lin Luoyan was selected as the cultural committee member and Jiang Mufan as the study committee member. At this time, Director Bao took Shao Tianyang to the door of the classroom and handed it to Teacher Liu, and asked him to take care of him. At this time, Cheng Yi was stuck in the table because he ate apple heads under the desk. Teacher Liu organized everyone to pull his head out, which caused everyone to laugh. After school, Shao Tianyang took two classmates to play in the game hall. Jiang Mufan returned home and his grandfather gave him a Parker pen to encourage him to study hard. And Jiang Mufan promised his mother would not fall in love early.

In the cafeteria the next day, Xia Ya took the initiative to let Lin Luoyan eat at the same table with herself, and recommended Jiang Mufan to run a newspaper. Lin Luoyan asked Jiang Mufan to run a bulletin with herself, and Jiang Mufan agreed. The classmates were in the playground in the physical education class. Only Jiang Mufan and Lin Luoyan were in the classroom. They agreed to write a board report after finishing their homework. In physical education class, Shao Tianyang laughed that the teacher asked the classmate who led the team, and the teacher asked him to lead the team. Shao Tianyang didn’t chant slogans either. Without a rhythm, the queue accidentally stepped on the people in front, causing everyone to laugh, and the teacher immediately called a timeout. Jiang Mufan asked if there were any ideas in the poem report. Lin Luoyan told Jiang Mufan that she would write down good sentences that might be useful. So they took out their usual excerpts, and the two sat down and flipped through their notebooks hoping to find something useful.

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