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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 9 Recap

Shengjun looked at the birthday gift Jun Linyuan gave him, very happy. The Queen said that it would be best if it was paired with a fairy fruit. Shengjun said: Not only that, but Shengzi also sent a cold ice jade pillow from Penglai. It is helpful to practice during the day and sleep on the pillow at night. Feng Wu was beating the medicine, Jun Linyuan coughed outside, Feng Wu saw him let him in. Jun Linyuan took out a box with a comb inside. Feng Wu asked him if he had sent her off, and Jun Linyuan said that he picked it randomly on the street today. Feng Wu said that if you give something to someone, you have to give it away. Feng Wu said again: You gave me this comb, maybe you want to remind me of you when I comb my hair. Jun Linyuan said something sentimental and left. Feng Liu and Feng Yiran are discussing. They are trying to get Feng Wu to stay on the border. He must let Feng Wu marry here. He already has a suitable candidate.

Jun Linyuan saw Qiuling and asked where Feng Wu had gone. Qiuling told them that Feng Wu had been threatened by Feng Liu and his wife to follow him out. Jun Linyuan ran to find her, and the city lord’s son sat opposite Feng Wu, and the city lord proposed to Feng Wu. Jun Linyuan came and questioned Feng Yiran: My fiancee will be abducted, and she is my concubine. Can’t i come? Are you when I am dead? Feng Yiran and they heard that Feng Wu was a concubine, they were shocked and said that Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu’s marriage contract had been terminated. Jun Linyuan said that I’ll be here to make it clear that my engagement with Feng Wu has not been terminated, and she is still my fiancee. Speaking of Jun Linyuan, he took Feng Wu’s hand and left. City Lord Bi was also angry at Feng Yiran, and Feng Yiran quickly explained.

When they walked out of the restaurant, they came to the street. Feng Wu said that there were so many people on the street. Let Jun Linyuan separate his hands first. Jun Linyuan glanced at her, and continued to take her away without separating. Jun Linyuan knocked Feng Wu’s brain, and then left. Yu Mingye was turning around. The elder said that we are good to return to the dark night Youting. Yu Mingye said that he was unwilling and wanted to go with Jun Lin. Yuan fights against each other.

The great elder saw that he wanted to find the little fairy Fengwu, the great elder gave him an idea, Feng Liu came to trouble again, and was taught by Feng Wu. Yu Mingye came to Feng’s house and wanted to see Feng Wu. Qiu Ling told him that the young lady didn’t want to see them. Yu Mingye took out a handful of flowers, asked Qiu Ling to give it to Feng Wu, and said something of love. Jun Linyuan threw his flower into the ground and stepped on his foot, making Yu Mingye so angry. The holy monarch summons Jun Linyuan and Yuandu, and Jun Linyuan decides to go back tomorrow. Feng Xun was drunk, and saw Jun Linyuan coming and let him fight him. Jun Linyuan heard Feng Xun say that he likes phoenix dance, and also said that Qiuling said that phoenix dance likes Jun Linyuan.

Feng Wu drank the phoenix tea made by Feng Liu and felt something wrong with her body. Feng Yiran put Bi Youfu into Feng’s house. Bi Youfu came to Feng Wu’s room and wanted to be indecent to her. Feng Wu woke up and kicked Bi Youfu on the head. Jun Linyuan and the three of them were already drunk, and Jun Linyuan said he was going to propose marriage with Feng Wu now. Jun Linyuan went to Feng Wu’s room, and Jun Linyuan arrived and drove Bi Youfu away. Jun Linyuan hugged Feng Wu and made her forget all the unpleasant things. Jun Linyuan fell asleep, Feng Wu looked at him and slept beside him. When he woke up the next day, Jun Linyuan found him in Feng Wu’s room, got up quietly, and then knocked Feng Wu to wake. Feng Wu woke up, and when she saw that her clothes were intact, she felt relieved. Jun Linyuan said that he was sorry for Feng Wu, and he would propose to Feng Wu to marry her as soon as possible.

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