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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 8 Recap

Zuo Qingluan was teaching Feng Wu to practice swordsmanship. Feng Wu had been learning for a long time, but he still didn’t learn any tricks. Zuo Qingluan said, aren’t you a little bit unconvinced? Once you were the proud girl of heaven. Feng Wu said that was once, and now I am an ordinary person. Zuo Qingluan took out a piece of paper and told Feng Wu that she still had things to do, so he would not accompany her. Feng Wu lay by the river, and Jun Linyuan came over and gave him a set of swordsmanship to make her look good.

Feng Yiran brought many gifts to Fengwu’s mother, saying that he was here to apologize to her. Feng Wu’s mother asked him to take the gift back, and Feng Yiran said that if her aunt didn’t accept it, she didn’t forgive her nephew. Feng Yiran said that he had something to discuss and found a relationship for Feng Wu. Yu Mingye’s things were gone, guessing it fell to Feng’s house. Qiu Ling found Feng Wu and said that Young Master had found her a marriage. Zuo Qingluan found Feng Liu and asked her to help Jun Linyuan find the fairy fruit.

Feng Wu told Feng Yiran not to worry about her marriage, and Feng Liu took the whip again, and wanted to compete with Feng Wu. Yu Mingye and Jun Linyuan fought with each other by the river, and Feng Liu fought with Feng Wu as well, unceremoniously. Jun Linyuan told Yu Mingye that Feng Wu was Feng Xiaowu, and Yu Mingye understood. Feng Liu wanted to kill Feng Wu, the true blood of Feng Wu’s phoenix manifested itself, and Feng Liu vomited blood with a wave of his sword. Feng Wu also fainted, and Demon Lord looked at the starry sky and said to Mu Jiuzhou. Jun Linyuan told Feng Xun that Feng Wu was Feng Xiaowu, and she had something to hide from us.

She was like another person just now. Feng Wu heard them talking outside and ran out of the window to the old man’s house. The old man Bar returned the spirit pill to her and let her eat it. Jun Linyuan and Yu Mingye came, and Yu Mingye said he wanted to take her away. Jun Linyuan came in, and Yu Mingye came out. Jun Linyuan was very angry and took out the Heaven Punishment Sword, but Yu Mingye took Feng Wu away. Feng Wu said that she had something to leave first, and Jun Linyuan was unwell and was healing her injuries.

Feng Wu’s consciousness entered the spirit ring, Cai Fengniao told her that this time Mu Jiuzhou felt you were in danger, and only helped you once, but it won’t work in the future. Caifengniao told Feng Wu that because she had taken the Nine Ranks to return the spirit pill, she was now an elementary spiritualist. Feng Wu heard him say this and summoned Fengming Sword, and she succeeded. Yu Mingye was walking on the road, and Jun Linyuan followed him and asked where Feng Wuren had gone. Yu Mingye didn’t tell him, the two of them punched me with one punch, and finally they let go of their hands together.

Yu Mingye told Jun Linyuan that he would also make Feng Wu like him. Feng Liu and the others were talking ill of Feng Wu again and wanted to punish her. Jun Linyuan said that this matter was over, so don’t talk about it anymore. The great elder found Yu Mingye and said that Mozun had something to say to Yu Mingye, and the great elder read it out to Yu Mingye, and told Yu Mingye not to stay in the border city and go back quickly. Yu Mingye asked the great elder: Is the Demon Lord related to the Junwu clan? This person must be positioned with high authority. The great elder said that the time is ripe, and the devil will naturally tell him.

Feng Wu and the others are sending out notes to people, asking them to write down their words to Lord Shengjun, which they will use as a birthday blessing to Lord Shengjun. Feng Wu and the others gathered Wanmin Books and sent out pigeons to celebrate. The Bai surnames around were also happy. Feng Yiran didn’t know what he wanted to do, and he said a few words in his ears before his men left. Feng Wu apologized to Jun Linyuan and thanked him for not caring about her stealing the fairy fruit. Jun Linyuan said that as long as she doesn’t get entangled with Yu Mingye, it will be fine. The queen found the holy monarch, who was reading Wanminshu and was very happy.

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