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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 7 Recap

Jun Linyuan and Yu Mingye singled out, Feng Wu scratched Feng Liu’s hand with the hairpin, and Feng Liu got angry and took out the whip. Jun Linyuan and the others were fighting on the roof, Feng Liu knocked Feng Wu to the ground with a whip, Jun Linyuan felt the unfeeling Gu abnormal on his body, and heard a scream, Jun Linyuan was absent, Yu Mingye said that Jun Linyuan was still fighting Distracted, look down on him. Feng Liu took the whip and walked towards Feng Wu, still trying to scratch Feng Wu’s face. Feng Wu’s mother rushed over and told her to stop.

Feng Liu said that it was Feng Wu who was presumptuous. She was a person who had no cultivation level and dared to deceive her and her brother everywhere. Feng Yiran told her not to continue, and Feng Yiran cared about Feng Wu. Feng Wu said: If you really want to be a good person, take your sister away. Feng Liu overturned the herbal medicine that Feng Wu had sunburned outside, burned the herbal medicine she had dried so hard with a fire, and snatched the spirit ring from Feng Wu’s neck and threw it into the fire. Feng Wu wanted to pick it up from the fire. Her mother stopped her and went to pick it up by herself. Feng Wu was heartbroken to her mother.

When Jun Linyuan heard Feng Wu’s shout, he was distracted by Yu Mingye’s move. Yuyouye saw that Jun Linyuan was absent-minded, and left. Jun Linyuan felt that something went wrong in the front yard, so he took Fengxun and them to see it. Feng Wu’s mother found Feng Wu’s ring from the fire, but her hand was severely burned. Looking at her mother’s hand, Feng Wu shed tears. Feng Wu held a dagger to stab Feng Liu, Feng Liu drew a sword into Feng Wu and stab Feng Wu, Feng Wu held her sword in his hand, blood stained the sword red.

Zuo Qingluan came to Feng’s house, but did not come in to stop him, Feng Wu’s blood dripped on the magical implement on the ground, and the magical implement faintly emitted light. Feng Liu wanted a sword to kill Feng Wu, the magic weapon flew up to block Feng Liu’s sword, the magic weapon turned into a sword, Feng Wu held it, and Feng Wu fainted. Seeing that Feng Mingjian recognized the phoenix dance as the master, Feng Liu felt unbalanced and wanted to do something with Feng Wu. Zuo Qingluan stopped her. Jun Linyuan also came, Zuo Qingluan pretended to be kind, and cursed Feng Liu. Feng Yiran told Jun Linyuan that this was a misunderstanding, and he persuaded Feng Liu. Jun Linyuan said: If the strong can order the weak to do anything, the only one who can decide your life and death is me.

Jun Linyuan came to Feng Wu’s room and saw that Feng Wu was still unconscious, calling her mother, and Jun Linyuan fed her a pill. Jun Linyuan said to the comatose Feng Wu: Why do you suspect you, let you fall into such a trap, even if you lose the Phoenix blood, you shouldn’t be slaughtered like this. If this goes on, it will only make others look down on you even more. Today Feng Mingjian chose you, then you can be a strong one. Qiu Ling came in, and Jun Linyuan hurried out. Jun Linyuan found Yu Mingye’s things outside Feng Wu’s room. He didn’t know how much Feng Wu still had to do with him. Zuo Qingluan was teaching Feng Liu, and Feng Liu apologized again and again. Jun Linyuan was punishing Feng Liu and the others, and was dissatisfied with their bullying Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan lowered their spiritual power.

Feng Xun let Feng Wu in, and Feng Wu said to thank them. Jun Linyuan received a letter from Yuandu asking him to take the fairy spirit fruit back, but now he can only disappoint them. Feng Liu was furious in the room, and when she uttered something bad, there was thunder in the sky. Zuo Qingluan gave Feng Liu and the others the spirit pill of Biluo Palace to restore their cultivation. Feng Yiran listened to Zuo Qingluan’s reminder that he wanted to marry Feng Wu, so he went to discuss with Feng Wu’s mother. Feng Wu and Qiuling were in the room, and Zuo Qingluan brought her the medicine. Zuo Qingluan asked her if she was practicing swords, Feng Wu said that her body had no spiritual power at all, and that Fengming sword was useless in her hands. Zuo Qingluan said she practiced sword dancing with her feet.

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