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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 6 Recap

City Lord Bi told his discovery, Jun Linyuan asked City Lord Bi to leave first, and they resolved the next matter by themselves. City Lord Bi prepared a yard for Jun Linyuan, but Jun Linyuan refused. What Feng Wu wanted to say, Jun Linyuan said to pack up and set off. Zuo Qingluan told Chaoge not to run around, Xiaoer brought food, and Chaoge ate. Zuo Qingluan received the letter and told Chaoge that she was going to deal with something. Chaoge they came back left a letter and left. Jun Linyuan was about to leave. Feng Liu thought that Jun Linyuan stayed at Feng’s house because of her. Yu Mingye was still using Old Man Ba to tell him where Feng Xiaowu was. Jun Linyuan rushed over, they went into the room, and there was no one. Jun Linyuan found Yu Mingye and asked him to come out. Old man Ba secretly gave her the Nine Turns Return Spirit Pill, and Yu Mingye saw that they had left in large numbers.

Jun Linyuan and the others took out the portrait of Feng Xiaowu and let Old Man Ba look at it. Old Man Ba said that he seemed to have seen it, so he told them a story. Feng Liu received Zuo Qingluan’s letter and came to the lake. Zuo Qingluan and Mu Yao appeared, and Feng Liu saw Zuo Qingluan. Zuo Qingluan asked Feng Liu to take good care of Jun Linyuan when she was away. Zuo Qingluan was ready to help when Jun Linyuan wanted to help. The old man Bar was still telling them stories, and he was stunned to hear them. When Jun Linyuan said he was gone, Feng Wu asked Old Man Ba to return the spirit pill, and Old Man Ba said he had hidden it. Jun Linyuan walked out of Old Man Ba’s room and suddenly covered his chest. Feng Wu thought he was in poor health. Feng Wu was applying acupuncture to Jun Linyuan to help him recover Feng Wu’s pulse. She felt a strange power and asked Feng Xun if they knew what was going on. Feng Xun said it might be Unfeeling Gu, because Feng Wu tricked him into eating it when he was a child.

Xuan Yi found his grandfather who was fishing, and his grandfather asked him why he was here. It is good for Jun Linyuan. Xuan Yi said that everything is fine in Jun Linyuan. My grandfather asked him what was wrong, Xuan Yi said a few words against his ear. Feng Wu found Yu You Ye in the room, and Yu You Ye asked her if Jun Linyuan had found Feng Xiaowu. Feng Wu said that she is an ugly girl, why do you care so much. Yuyouye said that the wind is better than you, gentle and kind, and brave to do what is right. Yu Mingye said that when he found Feng Xiaowu, he brought her to Feng Wu and let her see what the difference was. Feng Wu felt that Yu Mingye’s head was a bit abnormal. Feng Wu said that she heard that Jun Linyuan seemed to have found Feng Xiaowu and also knew the whereabouts of the fairy fruit. Yu Mingye hurried to find Jun Linyuan, and Feng Wu went to the courtyard.

Jun Linyuan was meditating in the room, Feng Xun poured him a cup of hot tea, someone knocked on the door, Feng Xun opened it and saw Feng Liu, she prepared an immortal herb pill for Jun Linyuan, and Feng Xun let her in. Feng Liu introduced the Lingzhi Deer Whip she had brought to Jun Linyuan, saying that these things could be supplemented. Jun Linyuan thought she was saying that his kidney was not good, and asked her to leave. Jun Linyuan said that when they came to the border city, there were always people from Dark Night Youting by their side. Jun Linyuan doubted Feng Wu and wanted to find out her relationship with Dark Night Youting. Feng Yiran and Feng Liu also turned their faces because of Feng Mingjian. Jun Linyuan took Feng Wu to find a clue to Feng Xiaowu.

Feng Wu asked Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, and Jun Linyuan said that they had other tasks. Jun Linyuan was testing whether Feng Wu was Feng Xiaowu, but fortunately he was not exposed. Feng Liu asked his subordinate Jun Linyuan where they were, and his subordinate told her that Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu had gone out. Yu Mingye came to Junlinyuan’s room and wanted to find Feng Xiaowu. Feng Xun came out, and he was always in the room. Yu Mingye was surrounded by the three of Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu also returned to Feng’s house, Feng Liu came over and took out a knife to destroy Feng Wu’s face, Feng Wu and Feng Liu fought. On the other side, Yu Mingye struggled with the three people of Jun Linyuan. Jun Linyuan said that he was singled out, but if Jun Linyuan wins, Yu Mingye will explain what happened to the people who arranged next to him.

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