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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 5 Recap

Jun Linyuan and the others entered the border city, and City Lord Bi visited them and wanted to pick them up. Jun Linyuan refused, and said to City Lord Bi: You have been in charge of this border city for decades and have been very familiar with the people in this city. City Lord Bi asked them what they wanted to help. Feng Xun took out the portrait of Feng Wu and asked City Lord Bi if he saw this person. Feng Wu sneezed a few times, thinking that if Feng Yiran came early or late, he came at this time. Is he really looking for Fengming Sword? She wondered if she had secretly practiced Nine Turns to return to the spirit pill and was discovered? Feng Wu was looking for something to do for them. Feng Yiran’s men were still digging the flowerbeds. Feng Yiran asked Feng Wu if he had a wrong memory. Feng Wu said how it was possible. She still remembered that she left a poem at the time. , Said it is the key to solving the puzzle. Feng Wu wrote a poem. This poem is part of the list of chemical elements. Of course Feng Yiran cannot understand it. Feng Wu said to him, you look at this word a bit like a spell, there is a feeling of hidden mystery, Feng Yiran began to study the poem.

Mu Yao reported what had happened to Zuo Qingluan, saying that Jun Linyuan had gone to Feng’s house in the border city, and Zuo Qingluan remembered Fengwu. Mu Yao suggested to go to the border city quickly, Zuo Qingluan was going to find Chaoge before going to the border city. Jun Linyuan and the others came to Feng’s house. Feng Wu didn’t know what they were doing. She surrounded her face with sand cloth and went out. When Jun Linyuan and the others saw Jun Linyuan and the others, they all looked dumbfounded, and the sand cloth on Feng Wu’s face fell off. So, Jun Linyuan walked over and returned Shabu to her. Jun Linyuan did not recognize her, and Jun Linyuan left Feng’s house. They didn’t understand Feng Wu’s current appearance. Jun Linyuan heard someone talking about Miss Wu. Feng Xun asked them the famous alchemist in the border city.

Feng Wu went to Old Man Ba’s house and asked him how the Nine Turns Returned Spirit Pill was. Old Man Ba said he told you the time. Feng Wu told him that Jun Linyuan had come to see her, fearing exposure. Jun Linyuan and the others came again, Feng Wu said: You must be curious why I am here, and you must be curious why I pretend to be like this. Jun Linyuan asked her to explain. Feng Wu said that their mother and daughter were helpless. Thanks to Master Ba who taught her medical skills, Old Man Ba also cooperated with her in acting. Feng Wu asked them what they were doing here. Jun Linyuan said that he had come to pick you up specially and stayed at Feng’s house tonight, right? Feng Wu had no choice but to say no opinion. Yu Mingye was holding the portrait of Feng Wu and asking if they knew him. Jun Linyuan and the others came to Feng’s house again, and Feng Yiran was very enthusiastic.

In the room, Feng Xun said that he felt the phoenix dance was weird, and that phoenix dance brought them food. Feng Wu and Qiuling started to eat, and Feng Xun saw her eating so delicious. Jun Linyuan also got up and came over to eat. They thought Feng Wu’s dishes were delicious. Feng Xun proposed to live in Feng’s house during the time in Border City, and Jun Linyuan also agreed. Yu Ming found Old Man Bar at midnight. Qiu Ling came to Jun Linyuan’s room and wanted to put a few mice in. Xuan Yi and the others were discussing Feng Wu, Qiu Ling heard Jun Linyuan talking to Feng Wu, so he didn’t let the mouse in. Yu Mingye tied Old Man Ba and asked him if he knew Feng Wu, Old Man Ba said he had never seen it. Feng Wu asked Jun Linyuan if she could trouble him to live elsewhere. Jun Linyuan asked her if she knew Feng Xiaowu. Feng Wu denied that she did not. Jun Linyuan said that he thinks Feng Wu is very similar to Feng Xiaowu. Feng Wu didn’t admit it, but Jun Linyuan said that he would not leave. Feng Liu came over, saying that City Lord Bi was here, and asked him to go.

Chao Ge wanted to help a few mortals, but accidentally ruined their pickles, Zuo Qingluan and the others came and gave them money. City Lord Bi said that the person with the portrait went to the old man’s room.

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