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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 4 Recap

Jun Linyuan and the others came to the cave of the Huoyun giant eagle. The Huoyun giant eagle was standing there, and they saw the fairy fruit. Jun Linyuan confessed the actions of the waiting meeting and asked them to proceed carefully, and Mu Yao was left to protect Feng Wu. The three of them fought with the Huoyun giant eagle with their swords, Feng Wu was thinking about how to cooperate with the Huoyun giant eagle, and Mu Yao was beaten out by the palm of her hand. The fire cloud giant eagle went to Mu Yao Gong, but Jun Linyuan resisted it. Jun Linyuan and the others cast a spell to trap the Huoyun giant eagle, but they were quickly broken free, Feng Wu found Feng Xun and told him that you will lead the Huoyun giant eagle and I will get the fairy fruit. Feng Wu cautiously went to obtain the fairy fruit. The Huoyun giant eagle wanted to fly out of the cave. Yuyouye cast a lot of stones and hit the Huoyun giant eagle. The Huoyun giant eagle found Yuyouye and used its feathers. Shoot at them. The Huoyun giant eagle turned into a light and penetrated into Feng Wu’s spirit ring, a stone smashed towards Feng Wu, and Jun Linyuan blocked it with his body.

The fairy fruit obtained by Feng Wu fell to the ground in a panic, and was put away in a jade box by Jun Linyuan. Yuyouye came out and asked Jun Linyuan to hand over the fairy fruit. He hijacked Feng Wu and wanted to let Jun Linyuan hand over the fairy fruit. Since Jun Linyuan had just fought with the Huoyun giant eagle, he could no longer use the spell. Tell them that you want to kill or kill it. Seeing that Jun Linyuan was not paying the fairy fruit, Yu Youye took Feng Wu away. Feng Xun said those things to Jun Linyuan, but Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything. Feng Wu was bound by Yu You Yeh, and Feng Wu asked him what he wanted to do. Feng Wu said that she and Jun Linyuan were not in the same group, so he let her go. Jun Linyuan was working, it turned out that he had no skill because of the unfeeling Gu attack.

Jun Linyuan received Yu Youye’s letter and asked him to go to the lake to save the phoenix dance, and Jun Linyuan asked Feng Xun and the others to take a look. They saw Yu You Ye by the lake, and Yu You Ye wanted to fight with them. Jun Linyuan handed the fairy spirit fruit to Mu Yao, and he went to look for Feng Wu. Jun Linyuan helped Feng Xun block Yu Youye’s attack and let Yu Youye hand over Feng Wu. Feng Wu stunned Mu Yao and got the fairy fruit. It turns out that Feng Wu deceived Yu Youye, and then took the opportunity to capture the fairy fruit. Feng Wu took the fairy fruit and returned to the border city. Feng Xun asked Jun Linyuan to go to the border city to seek help from his fiancee. Feng Wu took the fairy fruit to Pakistan. Old man, Old Man Ba asked her to wait 3 days to get the Nine Turns Back to the Spirit Pill.

Feng Wu said goodbye and wanted to go home to report her safety to her mother. Chaoge was eating sesame seed cakes, and two villagers passed by, discussing Zuo Qingluan’s demonization for them. Chaoge heard them talking about Zuo Qingluan, and stood up. Jun Linyuan and the others rode to the vicinity of the border city, and Feng Xun asked Jun Linyuan what to do now. Jun Linyuan said that he was unfamiliar with the place where he was born. If he wanted to find someone, he would find a needle in a haystack, so let’s go to Feng’s house first. Mu Yao handed to Zuo Qingluan’s letter, asking her to go to Jingzhou to help her get rid of the poisonous beasts, and Mu Yao bid farewell to Jun Linyuan. Jun Linyuan and the others rushed to Feng’s house in the border city, and Feng Wu was wandering on the street. The eldest master of the Feng family was sending someone to search for something. Feng Wu climbed over the wall and saw the people in the yard. Miss Fengshan Six wants her mother Fengwu to tell her where the things are hidden. Feng Wu could see clearly on the wall. Feng Wu’s mother said that Feng Mingjian had been missing for a long time, and Feng Liu and the others made harsh words when they saw Feng Wu’s mother like this.

Yu Youye informed Demon Venerable that he had not obtained the fairy fruit, and the Demon Lord furiously gave Yu Youye a palm, and asked if the fairy fruit was obtained by Jun Linyuan. Yu Youye said that Jun Linyuan didn’t get it, and he would continue to trace the whereabouts of the fairy fruit. Feng Wu stopped Qiu Ling and asked Qiu Ling to follow her. Feng Wu was holding tea and accidentally fell on Feng Yiran. Feng Wu told them that Feng Mingjian was in the flower bed of the old house, and they hurried to dig the soil. Yuyouye found the young master of the city lord, gave him a lesson, and then asked him if he knew him with a portrait of Feng Wu, the young master said that he was familiar.

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