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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 3 Recap

Feng Wu was wronged by Mu Yao, she had never encountered Mu Yao. Seeing that Mu Yao hated her, Feng Wu wanted to give her a bitter taste. She said sorry to Mu Yao and said that she would be able to massage her feet a little. As soon as Feng Wu tried hard, Mu Yao felt pain and cried. Mu Yao stood up and walked away angrily. Jun Linyuan said that if you are doing small moves, you will leave Feng Wu here. Seeing Jun Linyuan saying this, Feng Wu quickly pleased Jun Linyuan and said to help him bandage the wound. Jun Linyuan stretched out his injured finger, Feng Wu gave him medicine, and then bandaged the wound. The unfeeling Gu in Jun Linyuan’s body broke out, and Jun Linyuan quickly took his hand away. Jun Linyuan asked Feng Wu to stay away from him, not close to him. Jun Linyuan said to take a look and let them rest early. Feng Xun likes Jun Linyuan for everyone and is unhappy, Feng Wu comforts him, and Feng Xun becomes happy.

Yuyouye was chasing the Huoyun giant eagle and found the trace of Jun Linyuan, and asked his men to chase the Huoyun giant eagle first. Jun Linyuan took advantage of Yu Youye to inadvertently feed him the Drunken Xianyun Xiang Dan of Penglai Pavilion, and couldn’t move his spiritual power for six hours. Jun Linyuan said that he just used his own way to treat his body, he was determined to win the fairy fruit. Yu Youye said that he would definitely defeat Jun Linyuan, so that everyone in the world would know who was number one in the world. Jun Linyuan hung Yuyouye upside down on the tree, and then left. The great elders were about to go back to Yuyouye, but they encountered an evil spirit. Feng Wu wanted to find Jun Linyuan, but found Yu Youye hanging on the tree, put him down, and then returned to their camp.

Jun Linyuan took them to find the Huoyun Giant Eagle. Jun Linyuan felt something was wrong and asked them to be careful. There were evil spirits all around, and when they found that the phoenix dance was missing, they fought the evil spirits. Feng Wu met Jun Linyuan in the mist. Feng Wu asked him why he wanted to get the fairy fruit. Jun Linyuan did not answer. Feng Wu guessed that it was the holy monarch who asked Jun Linyuan to get the fairy fruit for cultivation. Why is Wu so concerned about Xianlingguo, Feng Wu almost missed her mouth. Feng Xun and the others are in Fengwu Jun Linyuan, Zuo Qingluan helps the villagers get rid of the poisonous beasts. Jun Linyuan decided to rest here and waited for the fog to dissipate. Xuan Yi and the others seemed to have heard Jun Linyuan’s voice, and followed the voice to find them. Feng Wu covered Jun Linyuan’s mouth, saying that he sang too much.

The succubus appeared near them, Feng Wu hurriedly hid behind Jun Linyuan, and Jun Linyuan told her not to stare at the succubus, they would confuse people. Jun Linyuan set up an enchantment for Phoenix to protect her, and he fought against the succubus. Jun Linyuan accidentally looked at the succubus’s eyes, and at the last moment he let Feng Wu go quickly, and he fainted to the ground. The Fire Cloud Giant Eagle appeared in front of Feng Wu, turned into a light and entered the spirit ring on Feng Wu’s neck, Feng Wu was puzzled. Feng Xun and the others rushed over and checked Jun Linyuan’s body, and there was no problem. The people of Dark Ye You Ting were besieged by evil spirits, and Yu You Ye rushed over to rescue them. Yu Youye said that the fairy fruit must be found before Jun Linyuan, and Jun Linyuan was still in a coma. Someone in Feng Wu’s ear called her, she picked up the spiritual ring and fainted.

Feng Wu’s consciousness entered the spirit ring and saw his master in it. A parrot told her that three years ago, her master gave her his Phoenix blood to save her, so she is now unconscious. The little parrot told Feng Wu that it was a colorful phoenix bird, and it was also the fire cloud giant eagle. It turns out that it is the spirit beast of Mu Jiuzhou, and Mu Jiuzhou asked it to guard the fairy spirit fruit and wait for the arrival of the phoenix dance. Caifengniao told Feng Wu that the barrier is now unstable and the mainland is about to be turbulent. We must wake up the Lord. Caifengniao asks Fengwu to get the fairy fruit in person, it will help Fengwu

Feng Wu woke up, took out the needle and thread to sew a smiling face on Jun Linyuan’s clothes, and Jun Linyuan woke up. They went looking for the fairy fruit again and found the cave of the fire cloud giant eagle. Feng Wu’s mother was still worried about Feng Wu. The sixth young lady from Yuandu Feng’s family came and wanted to find Feng Wu. Jun Linyuan and the others were walking in the Huoyun Cave, and Yuyouye was also in the dark. They saw the Huoyun Giant Eagle.

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