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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 2 Recap

Jun Linyuan brought his disciples into a fight with the Huoyun giant eagle, and the Huoyun giant eagle vomited flames, fighting against many spiritual men without losing the wind. Jun Linyuan held the sword and pointed it towards the sky. A flash of lightning appeared in the air around the sword. Jun Linyuan swung his sword and slashed at the Huoyun giant eagle and knocked it down directly. The Huoyun giant eagle did not die, but turned towards Feng. Wu ran, Feng Wu couldn’t hide, was caught by the claws of the Huoyun giant eagle, and then flew away, Jun Linyuan chased the Huoyun giant eagle. Feng Xun said to Qiuling: Seeing that your lady doesn’t have the power to bind the chicken, I’m afraid this time she will die. Qiu Ling cried when he said this. Feng Xun quickly comforted Qiuling and told her not to cry, saying that Boss Jun had gone to save her. Zuo Qingluan went to rescue other people, and Feng Xun made me Zuo Qingluan and Jun Linyuan were inappropriate.

The Huoyun giant eagle kept flying with the phoenix dance. When Feng Wu saw a flat bottom in front of him, he broke free of the eagle claws and jumped down. The Huoyun Giant Eagle also stopped, yelled at Feng Wu, and walked towards her step by step. Jun Linyuan stood in front of her, and Jun Linyuan’s sword was accidentally knocked down the cliff by the fire cloud giant eagle. Feng Wu hid behind Jun Linyuan and suddenly slipped off the cliff. Jun Linyuan jumped down and hugged Feng Wu. The two of them fell into the pool under the cliff. Feng Wu was fine, but Jun Linyuan fainted and sank to the bottom. Seeing that Jun Linyuan hadn’t come up, Feng Wu dived into the water to find Jun Linyuan and brought him ashore. Qiu Ling found Feng Wu’s mother and told her that Miss had been taken away by the monster.

Dark Ye You Ting, Yu You Ye defeated several other people, but those men who couldn’t beat Yu You Ye let him spare them, Yu You Ye scolded them and let them go. Feng Wu picked up Jun Linyuan and treated him. Seeing that Jun Linyuan was unconscious, he had to give him artificial respiration, but he couldn’t get his mouth down. She slapped Jun Linyuan’s face and shook his head, Jiang Jun Linyuan woke up. Mozun told Yu Youye that the fairy fruit was ripe, and asked Yu Youye to take the fairy fruit. Feng Wu followed Jun Linyuan, trying to find the fairy fruit. Feng Wu smelled the scent in the air, thinking that she had broken into the territory of the Big Horned Blood Bee, scared her to hug Jun Linyuan’s thigh.

Jun Linyuan sensed that Zhu Tianjian was in the room, and left Feng Wu to look for it. Feng Wu saw the big horned blood bee flying over and wanted to catch a few to gain spiritual power. When she met Feng Xun, she helped her drive away the blood bee. Jun Linyuan found the Heavenly Jade Sword, and randomly found a fairy grass for Feng Wu. Xuan Yi and Mu Yao, a disciple of the Biluo Palace Lady, found Feng Xun and asked Feng Wu’s name. Feng Wu choreographed Feng Xiaowu’s name.

Jun Linyuan came back, and saw that Feng Wu was not afraid of the cold, so he accepted the fairy grass. Xuan Yi and Mu Yao objected to bringing the phoenix dance together. Feng Wu said that she just wanted to get out of this forest. Shouldn’t you practitioners help the poor? They were not opposing either, Jun Linyuan let Feng Xun be responsible. Yuyouye took people to the frozen forest, and wanted to obtain the fairy fruit, and fought with the Huoyun giant eagle. The Fire Cloud Giant Eagle repelled them, and then flew away. On the other side, Feng Xun told Feng Wu what happened before Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan ate Feng Wu’s unfeeling Gu, and Feng Wu also said that he would marry Jun Linyuan. Feng Wu grilled the fish and let them eat.

Feng Xun asked Jun Linyuan to eat together. Jun Linyuan let them eat, leave him alone. Mu Yao also stepped aside, jealous of Feng Wu. Feng Wu thought that she had no grievances with Mu Yao, but she told me right and wrong behind her back. Feng Wu wanted to get the fairy fruit so that people who looked down on her would know what slaps were. Yu Youye’s subordinates told him that after the fight with the Huoyun Giant Eagle, everyone was more or less injured, or they should go to the border city to rest for a few days. Yu Youye was going to Huoyun Cave, but his subordinates advised him to be taught by Yu Youye. Jun Linyuan decided to camp at night and let them do their own things. Mu Yao pretended to stumble, but Feng Wu pushed her.

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