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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 11 Recap

Cai Fengniao asked Feng Wu to take out the Wanyou Fire. Feng Wu was about to kiss him, and Qiu Ling came in. Seeing Feng Wu wanting to kiss the king, he hurriedly said: Don’t be polite. Jun Linyuan also woke up, and was knocked out by Feng Wu again. Jun Linyuan rubbed his neck and said it was okay, she couldn’t hurt him with this palm. Feng Wu said he was just a reflex. Jun Linyuan said: If you want to kiss me, you can tell me directly, don’t twitch, anyway, you will be my concubine. I will promise you whatever you say. But it’s quite cute, and it was turned into anger when I opened it up. Feng Wu said it was not what she thought. Mrs. Yan and the others thanked Feng Wu and left them the flattery and food, so that they could return to Yuandu as soon as possible. Feng Wu asked Jun Linyuan to kiss her, so that he could obtain Wanyou Fire. Feng Wu closed her eyes, pouting her mouth to kiss him.

Feng Xun and the others sent Feng Wu’s mother to Feng’s house, and Feng Xun said goodbye. Feng Xun told Xuan Yi that the Feng family was a bit strange, worried that Feng Wu would be bullied when he returned. Xuan Yi said that according to Feng Wu’s character, he would not be bullied. Feng Wu closed the door, and wanted to pro-Jun Lin Yuan again. Jun Linyuan found that the unfeeling Gu on his body had been solved, Feng Wu pouted again and wanted to kiss Jun Linyuan, and was pushed out of the room by Jun Linyuan. Feng Wu had been trying to find a way to personally contact Jun Linyuan, and Jun Linyuan asked him what was going on. Feng Wu said that Old Man Ba said that Wan Youhuo could restore her cultivation level, so he wanted to kiss him.

Feng Wu was about to leave after speaking, Jun Linyuan grabbed her and kissed her. Xuan Yi was reading a book on the road when Chao Ge suddenly ran into him, and Chao Ge apologized that she was in a hurry and was about to leave. Xuan Yi saw the candy falling on the ground and found Chaoge along the candy. Chaoge was being scolded by two people, saying that she used some broken herbs to fool them. Xuan Yi asked him: They treat you like this, don’t you resist? Chaoge said that they are just forced by life, and they don’t seem to be bad people. Xuan Yi told her that kindness without a bottom line is cowardice, and Xuan Yi left.

Zuo Qingluan asked Mu Yao to find out about Feng Wu, and they went to Yuandu tomorrow. Feng Wu and the others came to Yuandu. Qiuling accidentally ran into Mama Zhao at Feng’s house, and Mama Zhao asked Feng Wu to go to see the lady. Feng Wu came to the lady. The lady wanted to discuss the Fengming sword with Feng Wu. Feng Wu took out the Fengming sword, but they couldn’t hold it at all, and Feng Wu took her mother back. Jun Linyuan went to see the sage, and the queen asked Jun Linyuan what he thought of Zuo Qingluan. Jun Linyuan said that his spiritual power was acceptable. The Queen said that Zuo Qingluan was suitable for Jun Linyuan and could be considered as Ling Fei. Jun Linyuan said that he already had a suitable candidate. Shengjun agreed to Jun Linyuan and let him bring people over as soon as possible. Fengwu’s mother told her that her stage should not be in the border city.

Jun Linyuan asked Caifengniao what to do next, and Caifengniao told her to wait quietly. Feng Wu took Qiuling around Yuandu, familiar with the environment. Seeing Chao Ge being bullied by several men, Feng Wu helped her and scared them away. Chao Ge saw Feng Wu and hugged her and said: Feng Wu, you are finally back. Feng Wu brought Chaoge to dinner, Qiuling told Feng Wu the reason for Chaoge, and it was because of saving Fengwu that he became so fat.

Looking at Chao Ge, Feng Wu remembered something from her childhood. Yu Mingye competed with his subordinates, and his skill in retreat was greatly increased for a few days. Yu Mingye asked the Great Elder to prepare for the enrollment of Junwu Academy. The great elder asked him why he wanted to participate. Yu Mingye said that he could find out the Junwu clan up close, and he could also find out what Mozun wanted to do. Feng Wu came to the room with Chao Ge and asked her to come often in the future. Feng Wu made a table of food for Chao Ge, and Feng Wu asked Chao Ge if her poison could not be cured. Chao Ge told her that among the secret treasures in the world is the detoxifying Tianxin Huasta.

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