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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 10 Recap

Jun Linyuan said that he would marry her as soon as possible, and he would not treat her badly. Jun Linyuan’s unfeeling Gu attacked again, he suppressed his luck, and continued to say: He will be responsible. Feng Wu said: No, don’t talk about marrying me, she doesn’t want to lie down in the muddy water of Yuandu. What else did Jun Linyuan want to say, Feng Wu said that she hadn’t happened to this matter before, let him leave. Jun Linyuan said he couldn’t assume that nothing happened. Feng Wu’s mother was gone, so Feng Wu hurried to find her. Feng Wu asked Feng Liu if she hid her mother, and Feng Yiran explained that Jun Linyuan brought her mother back to Yuandu. Qiu Ling took out the letter they left, and Feng Wu knew the reason. Feng Wu asked Qiuling to pack things up, and they went to Yuandu. Feng Wu went to say goodbye to Old Man Bar. Old Man Bar took a gourd to her. It was a good medicine that Old Man Bar had practiced over the years. Old Man Bar asked Feng Wu to be careful. Looking at Feng Wu’s back, the old man was very sad. Feng Wu and the others set off for Yuandu.

Feng Wu rushed all the way to Yuandu, and met Madam Yan and Madam Ning at the inn. Qiuling felt that the inn was a bit strange. There was no one inside. Feng Yiran organized a search and suddenly heard a woman’s call. Two women broke up their skulls in the room. Feng Yiran asked them to make it clear, but the two women said they could not stay in this inn. It turns out that these two women are villagers nearby. They heard that the inn was weird since they were young, but they didn’t expect to catch up today. Feng Yiran said that you really shouldn’t stay here for a long time, and Madam Yan said that you want to leave. The thunder was rolling outside, and the two women were scared away. Mrs. Yan also said that she should leave soon. However, Mrs. Ning said to take a rest today and leave tomorrow. When Feng Yiran saw that they were not leaving, it was hard for him to leave.

Jun Linyuan saw that the sky was about to change, so they decided to find an inn to shelter from the rain. Qiu Ling was packing the bedding in the room, but Madam Ning was very rude and asked Qiu Ling to bring them a quilt. Madam Yan apologized for Madam Ning. Madam Yan suddenly had a stomachache and was about to give birth. Feng Wu hurriedly took care of her. The guard at the door was beaten into the yard, and a monster in human form appeared. He walked into the yard step by step and stood there still. Feng Yiran asked his subordinates to do something, but he was not an opponent at all. Qiu Ling saw it and told Feng Wu that the monster beast was outside. Madam Yan told them to leave them alone and leave as soon as possible. Feng Wu gave Madam Yan a needle, and then told her not to speak, she went out to resist the monster.

Feng Yiran and Feng Liu were fighting the monster beast, they weren’t doing it. Feng Wu rescued them when the monster was about to kill them. The three of them did not work together, and they were defeated. Jun Linyuan felt something was wrong, Yukong went to the inn. Feng Wu suddenly turned into a phoenix, awakening advanced. Feng Wu used the Fengming Sword to fight the monster beast, Feng Yiran asked if he wanted to go up to help, Feng Liu refused to say that the enemy was too powerful. Feng Yiran wanted to help. Feng Liu said that they were leaving now. The two of them wanted to escape, but they were discovered by the monster and knocked out. Feng Wu continued to fight with the monster, but suddenly the monster was hit by thunder and lightning, and it was Jun Linyuan who came. The monster beast was injured, and Jun Linyuan told him to go quickly.

Feng Wu said that he would help Mrs. Yan first. Jun Linyuan recognized that the demon fire in the hands of the demon beast was the most treasured fire in the demon world. The monster beast wanted to kill the people in the room, but was blocked by Jun Linyuan. Jun Linyuan couldn’t help. At this time, Feng Wu pierced the monster’s chest with a sword. Before the monster was dying, he wanted to kill Feng Wu. Jun Linyuan Fei I blocked her in the past. The monster disappeared, Feng Wu held Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu shed tears, and dropped on his hand. The unfeeling Gu on Jun Linyuan’s body was resolved, and Jun Linyuan woke up. Madam Yan also gave birth to the children smoothly, and Madam Ning apologized and thanked them.

Mozun came to Yuandu, Zuo Qingluan was paying homage to the holy empress, and after Zuo Qingluan left, Mozun unexpectedly appeared. Feng Wu woke up and asked Jun Linyuan, Qiuling told her that Jun Linyuan took care of her all night last night. Feng Wu came to Jun Linyuan’s bed and gave her a kiss. Caifengniao asked him why he didn’t bring something as good as Wanyouhuo. It turned out that Wanyouhuo was sucked into his body by Jun Linyuan. Caifengniao told her that she can take it out only by kissing him.

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