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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 1 Recap

Dalai Qianyuan, the beginning of all materials, people admired spiritual practice on this large road, but only a few people have roots and those who have found ways to practice can practice, and they are called spiritualists. Junwu Academy is the most respected in the spiritual world, and Penglai Pavilion and Biluo Palace are also headed by and affiliated to Junwu Academy. But the Dark Night You Ting of the Western Regions rebelled against Taoism and was incompatible with Junwu and other factions.

Thirty years ago, the monsters of the Qianyuan Continent were rampant, and the mortals were unbearable. The highest spiritual power in the mainland, Mu Jiuzhou, led the various clans to put down the monsters, and drew the barriers, gave them the management of the monarch and the martial arts, and ordered the spiritists to protect the mortals together. After that, Mu Jiuzhou stayed away from the mortal dust and devoted himself to practicing. Unexpectedly, when he ascended and crossed the calamity, he encountered accidents and his whereabouts were unknown.

The family of Yuandu Feng, the parent’s daughter Fengwu was born. Because she was born with Phoenix’s true blood, she became the second person in Qianyuan Mainland to have Phoenix’s true blood after herding Jiuzhou. Twelve years later, Xiao Fengwu accidentally picked up a spiritual ring, and because of this, she saw a trace of the wandering soul of Mu Jiuzhou after the failure of crossing the catastrophe. Mu Jiuzhou said to Phoenix: Little girl, the spiritualist needs to remember that even if one day, you have the spiritual power that can dominate this continent, you must never use it to do evil things. Xiaofengwu wants to worship Kyushu as a teacher, follow him to learn spiritual power, and protect her mother. Mu Jiuzhou pulls up the phoenix dance and accepts her as a disciple, but let people not know it. Feng Wu and Mu Jiuzhou cultivated and became the proud son of heaven, but he was jealous and buried hidden dangers.

Feng Wu fought with Zuo Qingyun in Biluo Palace. Feng Wu accidentally pierced her forehead by Zuo Qingyun and took away her Phoenix blood. Feng Wu watched her phoenix blood fall into the jade gourd in Zuo Qingyun’s hands, but could not do anything. Phoenix scolded Zuo Qingyun: You actually took advantage of my promotion to be such a killer. Zuo Qingyun said that the proud woman of the sky can only have me. Feng Wu said, don’t think that you can increase your spiritual power by taking my Phoenix blood, don’t be wishful thinking. Zuo Qingyun said to Feng Wu: As long as you are tight-lipped about today’s affairs and do not return to Yuandu in this life, I promise to keep you forever. It was impossible for Feng Wu to agree to her, so Zuo Qingyun attacked Feng Wu again.

Zuo Qinglong stabbed Feng Wu with a sword. Feng Wu couldn’t hide, and took the sword with his hand. The blood stained the sword red. Zuo Qingyun used force again, the sword pierced Feng Wu’s chest, and said to Phoenix: From now on, I will be Zuo Qingluan, and Zuo Qingluan is the only true Phoenix in Qianyuan Continent. Feng Wu was thrown off the cliff by Zuo Qingluan, and Mu Jiuzhou caught her. Feng Wu woke up, she didn’t know Mu Jiuzhou in front of her, and asked who he was. Mu Jiuzhou gave her the Phoenix blood from his body. Mu Jiuzhou said that her injury was too serious and her cultivation base was completely lost. The blood of the phoenix as a teacher can only keep you safe for your life. If you want to practice again, you must take the fairy fruit. Tell Feng Wu that it will be Feng Wu from now on. If you want to figure out your identity, you must live well.

Feng Wu has been in this world for the third year. Phoenix’s maid is selling medicine, but there is a big drug store nearby, and their medicine is getting harder and harder to buy. Feng Wu pulled down a fat young master and said that his face was not right. Feng Wu told some questions about the young master of the city, and then pretended to leave. The city lord asked Feng Wu to tell him the solution, and Feng Wu bought his medicine for twelve gold. Jun Linyuan and the others met the people of the dark night court, they fought, and Jun Linyuan defeated them with one move, and then they wanted to find the fairy fruit. Feng Wu came to the old man’s residence and frightened him. Feng Wu asked Old Man Ba ​​what he came to do with her, and when he could restore his cultivation. The old man said that he must find the fairy fruit.

Sheng later came to Shengjun and said that Jun Linyuan had already set off. Shengjun told her not to worry. Feng Wu saw her mother walking outside the door, and when Feng Wu came back, she asked her what was going on. In the dream, the master asked her to quickly get the fairy fruit. Feng Wu brought her maid Qiuling to Yunlailou, and she listened to the discussion from the people around her. When Yun came to the building, a beggar fainted, and Phoenix rescued him. Suddenly the Huoyun Giant Eagle broke into the town, and the people around were panicked. Zuo Qingluan of the Biluo Palace confronted the eagle demon, and the Fire Cloud Giant Eagle was really powerful. The people of Biluo Palace couldn’t hold on, and Jun Linyuan rushed over.

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