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The Eight 外八行 Episode 33 Recap

In the early days of the Chinese People’s Republic of China, they convened a meeting overnight and announced that this time they did not need to fight together, but that each line would fight separately, letting everyone deal with the betrayers of each line.

Early in the morning, Hua Minchu rushed to the Fuxing Mansion for an appointment. Xishui woke up in a daze and found Xihe by her side. Only then did he realize that Hua Minchu had left her alone, and Xishui jumped up from the bed to find Hua Minchu. One party sent the black yarn out, and he waited for the return of the nine parties at the Red Wall Club. Jin Xiuniang went to see Hong Xiu Niang alone, and persuaded her to turn her head back, but Hong Xiu asked her to be far away from the other side. She killed Jin Xiuniang. Jin Xiuniang did not show any weakness, and the two fought. Hong Xiu pulled out a dagger to assassinate Jin Xiuniang. Thanks to Qiming, he came to rescue him in time. Jin Xiu Niang, Hong Xiu found that Qi Ming had brought people from Cloud Gate, and was puzzled. Qi Ming deliberately asked someone to pretend to be someone from Cloud Gate in order to let Hong Xiu send a message to Fang Yuanji.

Crane safety net cloud band who stormed the temple, forcing the ingot Li Jue and Valley of Flowers to pay out gold to ignore them, thousands of children yangfang sudden, the clouds tightly trapped in the crane in a large network could not move, and Li Jue Huagu bid farewell to ingots. Hua Min Chu came to the appointment on time. Fang Yuanji did not expect him to come alone. Hua Min Chu kept saying that he was here to kill him, and Fang Yuanji came directly to get Hua Min Chu’s blood.

Ke Shu came to the newspaper office. Feng Bennuo trapped him in the secret room with a 72-wheel lock developed by Mo Zhishan himself. Ke Shu knew that this was a deadlock. Feng Bennuo threatened to trap him alive. Ke Shu After racking my brains, I finally figured out that this is a countdown lock that cannot be opened unless the specified time expires, and Ke Shu is confused.

Xi Shui suddenly came to support Hua Min Chu, Fang Yuan was ecstatic, he could crack the two scrolls as long as he was angry with the blood of Hua Min Chu and Xi Shui, Hua Min Chu took out a dagger to force him to death, even if Fang Yuan Ji received the blood of Master Yi Yang. Without his help, he still could not solve the mystery of the picture scroll. Fang Yuanji threatened Zhong Yao ’s life. If Hua Minchu didn’t let the blood before the incense burned out, he would Zhong Yao was put to death, and Hua Min had to stop.

Jiu Fang rushed into the Red Wall Clubhouse, forcing one party to leave Hua Min Chu and join Fang Yuanji, one party gave Jiu Fang the facts and reason, and repeatedly stated that Hua Min Chu had more help than others, and Fang Yuanji was unsuccessful. Fang insisted on going his own way. He also accused one of the parties of forgetting the nature of the black yarn. When the two people disagree, they fought, but stood in the front. He pressed on one side step by step and beat the assassin. Fang and one were fighting, and the two refused to yield to each other. The fight was inextricably difficult. One side deliberately left space for the nine side, and the nine side stabbed him mercilessly. The other side left without saying a word and turned around. Disciple Sha stopped, indicating that one party was deliberately letting her.

Hua Minchu and Xishui cut their fingers and dripped them on the scroll at the same time, which immediately showed the direction of the live mountains and rivers, as well as the roads and buildings. Fang Yuan was so amazed that he forced Hua Minchu to tell where the treasure was hidden. Speak out at Fuxi Road. Xishui explained that the treasure was covered by the building. Fang Yuanji threatened to find the treasure after digging it all out. Xishui wanted to leave before she was ready, Fang Yuanji desperately stopped her, Hua Minchu rushed to fight Fang Yuanji. Cover Xishui to rescue Zhong Yao. Ke Shu remembered what his father had said before his death. With a thought, he decided to turn the clock faster to unlock the wheel lock in advance.

Xihe rushed to save Xishui in time and ran into Cai Zuan head-on. Cai Zuan desperately stopped him and was subdued by Xihe with three punches and two kicks. Fang Yuanji had a painful killer against Huaminchu, Huaminchu was seriously injured, Xihe came in time to stab Fang Yuanji from the back, Fang Yuanji turned around and knocked Xihe to the ground, Huaminchu and Xishui fought side by side , To deal with Fang Yuanji together.

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