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The Eight 外八行 Episode 32 Recap

A group of truth listeners suddenly came to Hua Min Chu and called him “Di Zang” in unison. Hua Min Chu was confused. The Eight Immortals explained the reasons in detail. At the beginning of the creation of the group, they set the rules. Once Liu Er encounters danger, it will After issuing the secret code of acting Ksitigarbha, the functions of Di Ting were transferred to a trustworthy person with full authority. I have experienced Ksitigarbha six times before, and it was the seventh Ksitigarbha in the early Huamin Dynasty.

Lin Bei gave the signal sent by Zhong Yao in the newspaper to Hua Min Chu, who knew that the arrangement of diamonds on Zhong Yao’s wedding dress was a secret signal. Zhong Yao touched Hua Min Chu’s ears at the wedding, and he kept the ground Give it to him, and the teacher will salute Huaminchu together and accept all his instructions.

Qiming analyzed the power comparison between Fang Yuanji and Hua Minchu, and asked Jin Xiuniang to continue to monitor Hua Minchu’s every move. Jin Xiuniang asked him not to hurt Hua Minchu’s life, and Qiming fully agreed. Fang Yuan treated Zhong Yao with great enthusiasm, and couldn’t wait to get the Wanshanhe painting scroll. Zhong Yao asked him to wait until he was asked to come, so as not to be held accountable in the future. Fang Yuan was very impatient and yelled at Zhong Yao. Yu Zhi saw that Zhong Yao was deliberately provoking his relationship with Fang Yuanji and warned her not to be too happy too soon.

Zhong Yao handed the Wanshanhe scroll to Fang Yuanji early in the morning, and tried to instigate his relationship with Yu Zhi. Fang Yuanji kept saying that they were just a cooperative relationship. Zhong Yao told him a story, and Fang Yuan just said it. I hurriedly interrupted her. Zhong Yao was talking about his experience. When Fang Yuan was fourteen years old, both his parents died. He was taken in by a martial artist who was a performer. Because he could not bear the beating and scolding of the martial artist, he killed the martial artist in a fit of anger. Until finally joined the army and enlisted in the army, Zhong Yao took out a deed of selling Fang Yuanji and listed the killing of his parents one by one. Until he was forced to embark on a path of no return, someone set a trap behind him, and Fang Yuanji suddenly Humiliated into anger, and then walked away in anger, Uncle Huan reminded Zhong Yao not to irritate Fang Yuanji, lest he behave irrationally. Zhong Yao exposed the person to whom Uncle Huan was instructed, and witnessed Fang Yuanji and Yuzhi. Conspiracy.

Fang Yuanji immediately sent a killer to assassinate Yuzhi, Zhong Yao took the opportunity to fan the flames, and repeatedly claimed that Yuzhi had achieved him and that he was kind to him, Fang Yuan was extremely angry. Today is the first time for Fang Yuanji to convene the Eight Trades Conference. The encyclical has not arrived. Fang Yuanji can’t wait to open the ten xingzhe scroll and the Wanshanhe scroll and combine the two volumes into one. Everyone congratulates Fang Yuanji. , Suddenly the phone rang, and he called Fang Yuanji and told Fang Yuanji that only by getting the blood of the male and female Master Yi Yang can he crack the secret of the picture scroll. He asked Zhong Yao why he concealed such important information. Fang Yuanji ordered to find it. At the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic, it was only possible to get his blood.

When Huamin got the news at the beginning, he took everyone away from the Red Wall Club. The killer sent by Fang Yuanji rushed to the air. Xihe took the initiative to ask Ying to meet Fang Yuanji for a while. Xishui disagreed and worried that Fang Yuanji was right. Zhong Yao started. Fang Yuanji forced Zhong Yao to tell the whereabouts of the early Huamin Dynasty. Zhong Yao excused that the time was wrong. Uncle Huan helped Zhong Yao to rescue him, but Fang Yuanji didn’t listen at all. His subordinates caught a true listener, and Fang Yuanji told him Knowing that Zhong Yao had activated the Ksitigarbha mode, Zhong Yao lost the ability to control Di listen to his party, and Fang Yuan gritted his teeth with extreme anger.

Uncle Huan persuaded Zhong Yao to leave quickly so as not to get into trouble. Zhong Yao couldn’t forgive his betrayal. Fang Yuan returned to the Grand Mansion in desperation and raised his gun at Zhong Yao. Uncle Huan fought hard to protect Zhong Yao, but Fang Yuan When Ji was hit on the spot, Zhong Yao hugged Uncle Huan and cried. Fang Yuanji ordered Zhong Yao to be locked in the basement. He asked the exposed truth listener to inform Hua Min Chu in the newspaper that he would go to the mansion to negotiate tomorrow. He wanted Hua Min Chu. The blood opens the secret on the scroll.

Hua Minchu wanted to go to the Fuxing Mansion for an appointment. Xishui knew that he could not persuade him and wanted to go with him. At this moment, Uncle Huan, who was shot and injured, came to Hua Minchu, and he worked hard to inform Hua Minchu at the last breath. Don’t go to the appointment, Zhong Yao is safe for the time being. Jin Xiuniang reported the progress of the matter to Qiming, and wanted to know his next plan. Qiming wanted the treasures of the mountains and rivers of the traveler and also wanted to use the power of the eight elements. The Eight Immortals burned incense to pray for the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, hoping that he would be successful and disband the Eight Elements smoothly.

Hua Minchu didn’t want Xishui to face danger again, so he asked Xihe for a bottle of medicine that would make people sleepy when he smelled it. Hua Minchu put it on her nose while he was asleep, and Xishui smelled it vigorously. At the beginning of Huamin, he was relieved to embark on the journey of a decisive battle with Fang Yuanji.

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