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The Eight 外八行 Episode 31 Recap

Xi Shui disagrees with your roster and Zhong Yao’s marriage. Hua Min Chu made it clear that they had a marriage contract. Xi Shui complained that he did not say it in advance and worried that he would be calculated by Fang Yuanji. Hua Min Chu downplayed and admitted that he only wanted to fulfill a promise. Seeing that she was determined, Xishui left without looking back.

Hua Minchu looked at Xishui’s decisive back, tears of grievance came out, Zhong Yao persuaded him to find an opportunity to apologize to Xishui. That night, Zhong Yao begged Xishui not to come to the wedding. She also knew that there was only Xishui in Hua Min Chu’s heart, but at least on the day of the wedding, Hua Min Chu belonged to her alone. Zhong Yao put on his favorite pair of earrings. To Xishui, Xishui blessed them with tears, and Zhong Yao felt miserable. Please take care of Xishui.

Zhong Yao asked Uncle Huan to send a letter to Fang Yuanji and asked him to come out to meet him. Fang Yuanji came to the appointment on time. Zhong Yao promised to take refuge with him. After the war, he must leave the early life of the Chinese people, otherwise she would let Fang Yuan Zhong Yao also asked him to prevent Yu Zhi from attacking Hua Min Chu. Zhong Yao asked Fang Yuan Ji to come to the Red Wall Club the day after tomorrow. She wanted Hua Min Chu to give up completely.

At the beginning of Hua Min, the wedding was set at the Red Wall Club and invited celebrities from all walks of life in Shanghai. The reason why he married Zhong Yao with great fanfare was that he wanted Fang Yuanji to come to the wedding and completely offended the celebrities in Shanghai and prevented him from using it in Shanghai. Keeping a foothold, Hua Minchu also urged everyone not to stop. The wedding officially began. Zhong Yao came in a white wedding dress. Hua Minchu and Zhong Yao read their wedding vows according to the priest’s arrangement. Hua Minchu apologized to Zhong Yao, but Zhong Yao waited a long time for this day. No regrets.

Xishui and Xihe both felt that there was a problem with this wedding. Xishui remembered what Zhong Yao had done before, like saying goodbye to her. Hua Minchu and Zhong Yao kissed affectionately in accordance with the procedures. Fang Yuanji suddenly brought the people from Xinbaxing to make trouble. The guests fled with fright. Fang Yuanji fired a shot to warn him and mocked Huaminchu, feeling that he was not worthy of support. The scroller, the early Huamin stated that the Wanshanhe painted scroll had been hidden by the ancient method with the truthfulness, but Fang Yuanji disapproved it, and respectfully asked Liu Er to join them to solve the mystery of the ancient method.

Zhong Yao resolutely walked towards Fang Yuanji. Hua Minchu and the people present were shocked. Unexpectedly, Zhong Yao was sentenced to Hua Minchu. Hua Minchu drew his gun at Zhong Yao, and Fang Yuanji pointed his gun at it. At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, Xi Shui came in time to stop the Hua Min Chu, and painstakingly advised Zhong Yao not to seek refuge in Fang Yuanji, and concluded that she was unspeakable. Zhong Yao repeatedly claimed that he did not want to follow the Hua Min Chu to dissolve the Eight Elements, and Zhong Yao also Knowing that the person Huaminchu loved was Xishui, Xishui begged her to stay and promised to leave Huaminchu, but Zhong Yao was determined, and Fang Yuan triumphantly took the Xinbaxing people away.

Hua Minchu fainted on the spot because of excessive sadness. Baxian checked him because he was hit too hard. He put on a requiem incense. I hope that Hua Minchu would wake up early. Xishui wanted to be with Hua Minchu. we hide out, Valley of flowers on the clock Yao betrayal to heart, Li Jue can not accept this reality, the Eight Immortals want to wait to wake up early Republican China say. Xi Shui held Hua Minchu’s hand tightly. Hua Minchu gradually regained consciousness and admitted that he was fine. Hua Minchu promised to tell her the whole story and let her help conceal it.

It turned out that all this was planned by Hua Minchu and Zhong Yao in advance. They all thought that Fang Yuanji’s final goal was Liu Er, and Zhong Yao decided to take the risk and face Fang Yuanji head-on. As soon as Hua Minchu wakes up, he finds Zhong Yao and learns that she has taken refuge in Fang Yuanji. Hua Minchu pretends to be quiet and discusses the treasure with the Eight Immortals.

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