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The Eight 外八行 Episode 30 Recap

Jin Xiuniang was waiting for Lu Shaojie at the Licha Hotel, pretending to meet him by chance. Lu Shaojie had a special liking for Jin Xiuniang and often wrote to her, but Jin Xiuniang never returned. Lu Shaojie saw her again, and his excitement was overwhelming. A friend discussed the matter. Zhang Yu came afterwards. The two people acted in a difficult manner, which aroused Lu Shaojie’s concern. Jin Xiuniang took the opportunity to ask her friend to find Wanshanhe painted scroll. Zhang Yu repeatedly claimed that this scroll could solve the food shortage in Shanghai. Question, Lu Shaojie heard that the picture scroll was in thehands of Hua Min Chu, and immediately sent someone to look for it.

As soon as Hua Min Chu put the picture scroll in the bank safe, Lu Shaojie sent someone to take it away. Hua Min saw the plan being implemented little by little at first, hoping that Lu Shaojie would not let him down. Fang Yuanji soon heard that the scroll was taken away by Lu Shaojie, and Lu Shaojie would give it to Jin Xiuniang tonight. Fang Yuanji sent the nine parties to rob Lu Shaojie’s car and stole Wanshanhe scroll. When Lu Shaojie gritted his teeth with anger, Jin Xiuniang revealed that it was caused by the enemy, Fang Yuanji, and that the food shortage in Shanghai was also caused by him.

Fang Yuanji got the picture scroll and sent it to Yu Zhi the first time. He saw that it was a fake. Fang Yuan was so angry that he gritted his teeth before he realized that he had been fooled by the early Chinese people. After the Eight Immortals came to Shanghai, they ignored what they could do and stole some gold and silver and sold them to make a living. The police found that they had to throw things away and escape. The Eight Immortals gave them a severe lesson and they had no choice but to seek refuge. Fang Yuanji, Fang Yuanji asked them to calculate the Feng Shui of the Fuxing Grand Park. They clearly did not calculate it well, but they lied that it was lucky. Fang Yuanji was in a good mood. He has already collected seven of them, and only the truth is left. A party, hosted a banquet for the three wise men of supernatural power that evening.

After the banquet, Fang Yuanji publicly announced that the Eight Elements would be militarized and assigned tasks to each person. The encyclical and the red sleeves called on the immortal Liu and the merchants to raise funds. They could use whatever means to continue to develop the poison. Fang Yuanji let the nine Fang trained his subordinates with the technique of black yarn, He Yun led Qianshou to steal casually, and then divided the accounts eighty-two. Fang Yuanji asked Feng Bennuo to do his best to create more terrifying weapons. Destiny to act.

Tonight is the annual festival of Heisha and his party, and it will be the last time. One side can’t help but think of his sister Jiufang, so he pulls out the photos of the two of them when they were young. Qiming sees his concerns and kindly persuades him. That night, one party led the disciples of Heisha to hold a festival. Unexpectedly, Jiufang suddenly appeared. The disciple of Heisha immediately drew his arms and guarded her carefully. One party paid the disciples. He tried to persuade Jiufang to turn back, but she was determined. Very sad.

Lu Shaojie seized Fang Yuanji’s 20,000 tons of military rations hoarded in Shanghai, and distributed them to various grain shops in Shanghai at a fair price. This completely alleviated the food shortage in Shanghai. Fang Yuanji immediately came to the envoy for help when he learned of this. Zhi persuades him to stay calm and not restless. Fang Yuan asked Di listen to who is Liu Er. He wanted to use the power of Liu Er to inquire about the news. Otherwise, he was controlled by the early Chinese people everywhere, so he had to say that Liu Er was Zhong Yao , Fang. Yuanji was dumbfounded immediately. Early Republic of China came to Zhang Yu, and thank him for saving Xi and Xi water , also used false Wan Shan Emaki let Lushao Jie helping hand extended to address the suffering of the people.

At the beginning of Hua Min received the secret security and learned that Jin Xiuniang had assisted Qiming to recover the Qing Dynasty, he considered repeatedly and decided to fake marriage with Zhong Yao. He also asked the declaration to post the front page to promote their marriage news, and published Zhong Yao wearing The big photo of the sky-high diamond wedding dress immediately spread in Shanghai. Hua Min knew that Xishui would be sad at first, but he could only do so. Ke Shu and others hid the newspaper , but Xishui found out soon. Xishui insisted that this was a fake, and she came directly to Zhong Yao’s house to seek confirmation from Hua Minchu.

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