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The Eight 外八行 Episode 29 Recap

At the beginning of Hua Min got the picture scroll and just wanted to leave Jing’an Temple, a group of masked men in black suddenly jumped out to besiege him, Xihe jumped out in time and knocked the black man to the ground. The headed masked black man tore off his mask. Xishui, who was hiding on the side, was stunned on the spot. It turned out to be one of the parties. Huamin had discovered that someone was secretly protecting him early on, so he deliberately arranged for him to sneak attack, just to attract the stalker to show up.

Greek water rushed out, wanted getaway, early Republican China survived to see the Greek water, excitement was palpable, Li Jue, Valley of Flowers and Ke books arrived to take everyone home early Republican China, Xi water He described in detail the whole process of Xihe’s rescue of her. At the beginning of Huamin, all the others were removed, only Xishui was left, and she complained that she did not show up earlier. Huamin initially thought she blamed herself for choosing Zhong Yao , and Xishui personally saw Witnessing Hua Minchu’s sadness and suffering because of her injury, she didn’t blame Hua Minchu, she just wanted to protect him, Hua Minchu hugged her tightly, and she was too lazy to go to her, Xishui bit his With a click of his arm, Hua Minchu resisted the pain without saying a word.

Xishui reported to Huaminchu about Zhang Yu’s rescue of Xihe and the whole process of their agreement. He also showed the map of Shanghai on his arm for him to see. In order to protect Huaminchu, Xishui had to use the map of Shanghai. Engraved on the arm, Hua Minchu felt very distressed and vowed never to be separated from her again.

Zhong Yao made delicious meals early in the morning, Xishui feasted on it, Hua Min Chu promised to take her to Shanghai. After the meal, Hua Min Chu took Xishui to the highest lighthouse in the city, looking around the beautiful and prosperous Shanghai. At the beginning of Huamin, he was full of emotions. He imagined that Shanghai would become the brightest place in the east of the country in the future. Xishui knew that he had great ambitions, and he had the people and the country in his heart. It was much more than just disbanding the Eight Elements. Like guarding everything in front of him, including Xishui, the two can’t help but embrace each other deeply.

In order to see Xishui, Hua Min deliberately shaved off his disguised beard. He did a meticulous disguise before returning to work in the museum as Gao Sheng. Uncle Huan revealed to Fang Yuanji that Hua Min Chu was going to Nanhui tomorrow to investigate the food shortage, and he sent people there to besiege Hua Min Chu. As soon as Hua Min Chu arrived in Nanhui, he found many suspicious people, so he hurriedly hid in the alley. The restaurant, pretending to be Xiaoer, succeeded in getting rid of the stalker. Hua Minchu came out from the back door and saw Fang Yuanji leading people to follow him from a distance. Thanks to Xishui in time to pull him away, they hid in a waste straw mat.

Li Jue and Huagu watched Hua Minchu and Xishui’s every move from the top of the building, and they were relieved to leave after seeing them safely avoiding tracking. At the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty, he brought Xishui to the Red Wall Club. Eight Immortals , Li Jue, Huagu and Ke Shu waited in it early. The six people reunited in Shanghai. One party prepared exquisite food to entertain everyone. Li Jue found that the Eight Lines were short of golden embroidered women . Liu’er and Xianliu and his party, Hua Minchu publicly explained that he had cooperated with Zhang Yu of Xianliu, and Jin Xiu Niang went to Lu Shaojie. Hua Minchu decided to solve the food shortage in Shanghai first, otherwise they would do everything if Shanghai was in chaos. can not do this.

At the beginning of Hua Min, it was discovered that Fang Yuanji had hoarded the grain that was shipped to Shanghai, and decided to take everyone to steal the grain. Jin Xiuniang and Zhang Yu discussed to persuade Lu Shaojie separately. Zhang Yu invited Lu Shaojie to the casino to play. Lu Shaojie was unable to do anything about the food shortage, so he forced Zhang Yu to help him with half of his wealth.

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