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The Eight 外八行 Episode 27 Recap

Zhong Yao recommended Ke Shu to work as a waiter in a western restaurant. Ke Shu worked hard and used his director to help the boss repair the lamps, which was highly valued by the boss. After the restaurant closed every day, Ke Shu began to miss Xishui and drew on the book. Portraits of Xishui in various expressions, secretly praying for Xishui’s speedy recovery.

At the beginning of Hua Minchu, he saw one party waiting for him to return at the entrance of the Red Sleeve Club. He quietly followed Zhong Yao away. Zhong Yao took him back to the house. Xishui saw Hua Minchu from a distance, but he dared not come forward to meet him. When she wanted to wait for Fang Yuanji to find Hua Minchu, she appeared unexpectedly. This was agreed with Zhang Yu. Xishui asked Xihe to protect Hua Minchu secretly, and Xihe followed Zhang Yu to investigate Fang Yuanji. Gradually discovered the benevolence and decisiveness of the early Hua Min Dynasty, and he was willing to admit that he was the holder of the paper. Xishui reminded Xihe that he must avoid the truth listeners.

Li Jue and Valley of Flowers was removed to find shelter early Republican China, decided to take turns squatting at home to protect him, their movements were all Kai-ming in the eyes, Kai Ming Wah early Republican house rented the house opposite, always pay attention to the early Republican China His every move also caused people to let the wind out, claiming that the house belonged to a wealthy Nanyang businessman and died because of the plague. Qiming also specially asked people to put a seal on the door to prevent the Di listeners from discovering his whereabouts. At the beginning of Huamin, he went to the casino every day, studied the magic of immortality that Zhang Yu taught him, and racked his brains to think about ways to deal with Yuzhi. He soon won a lot of money, and Zhang Yu wanted to share the account with him. Huamin wanted to use this. The money was used to relieve the people and the rest was used to defeat the enemy. Zhang Yu hurriedly took away his part of the money, and Hua Minchu put the rest of the money into the box.

When Xi Shui saw Hua Min Chu leaving with the money box, she came to Zhang Yu to inquire about the situation of Hua Min Chu. Xi Shui took out a letter intercepted by Xi He, and Fang Yuanji mentioned in the letter that he wanted to go with Hua Min Chu. After the truce, Zhang Yu concluded that Hua Min Chu would return soon, and asked Xi Shui to hide. As expected by Zhang Yu, Hua Minchu quickly discovered that something was wrong. He returned to the room to ask Master Zhang Yuxing to ask him the crime. There was only a little money in the money box, and the rest was white paper. Zhang Yu couldn’t help laughing. It was him. In a lesson to Hua Minchu, Zhang Yu took out another money box and repeatedly claimed that it was the money he had won against Marshal Lu. Hua Minchu took the money box and left.

Hua Min Chu asked Zhong Yao to meet in the restaurant. First, he apologized to her, and then danced with her. Hua Min Chu sent a letter to Uncle Huan watching them on the second floor clay puppet, pretending to dance with Zhong Yao if nothing happened, Zhong Yao obviously felt that the beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty was different, but he could not tell the difference. The beginning of the Hua Min Dynasty decided to hide it like Yu Zhi. Zhong Yao suggested that he go to the core position of Di listen. In the next few days, Hua Minchu followed the Di Ting teacher all over the city, and quickly grasped Di Ting’s contact points like a spider web. With the palace as the axis, there were 13 contact points. Di Ting has In 76 cases, Hua Min Chu entered the palace under the pseudonym to ensure that they were not discovered by the truth listener.

At the beginning of Huamin, he discovered that the palace was hidden in the declaration hall. The Tie Tingshi was one of the reporters. He decided to hide in it. At the beginning of Huamin, he came to find a party and asked him to use the money to renovate the Red Wall Club, making it the most luxurious in Shanghai. At the beginning of the club, Hua Min personally smashed the table of the club. In the early days of Huamin, he was promoted under a pseudonym and applied for the job and became a journalist.

In a blink of an eye, a month passed, Xishui could not find Hua Minchu everywhere, so she came to Zhang Yu to ask questions, Zhang Yu refused to answer, Xishui shot and warned, and you can see Zhang Yu’s words, Xishui Completely give up.

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