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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 15 Recap

Tan Song admits that he likes yellow oranges and yellow oranges are confessed by others

The college entrance examination is over, what will the future look like? Recalling the goals I wrote on the blackboard, has the university achieved it?

Because of the previous laughter contest, the big guys have to realize the wish of wishing tonight. Chen got the most out of his wish to accompany Zhu tonight to play in the aquarium for a day. I don’t know if this time can take a chance. Teacher, I found Huang’s mother and wanted to recommend Huang Chengzi to participate in the writing competition. Mom felt very happy. Although the Zhu family said that tonight is great, but He Jinzhao ’s achievements and I wish my mother are very worried. He Jinzhao expressed his true thoughts with his mother. Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s pursuit is different, ordinary and simple. He is the life he wants to live.

In the Internet cafe, Tan Song and He Jinzhao talked about Huang Chengzi. Tan Song knew that Huang Chengzi was about to participate in the competition with another boy. Tan Song was nervous. She went to Huang Chengzi’s house and told mother Huang that she was worried about Huang. The safety of oranges is clearly a manifestation of the vinegar jar’s rebellion! Seeing Huang’s mother couldn’t say anything, he called up Huang’s father.

The Decided to let Tan Song escort Huang Chengzi to the game. On the bus, Tan Song was uneasy, watching the boy Huang Chengzi talk, and pretending to be sick, let Huang Chengzi accompany her. After staying in the hotel, Huang Chengzi sent Tan Song the anti-fever medicine Tan Song originally pretended to be sick and would not really take medicine, so he lay on the bed. The boy was going to Huang Chengzi’s room to discuss tomorrow’s game, so he jumped right away. Get up, and go with it. When reviewing,

There are a lot of mosquitoes in the hotel. Tan Song bought mosquito coils and kept them secretly in the hotel… At night the boy asked if he was so greedy for yellow oranges. Does he like yellow oranges? Tan Song Fan asked him whether Liu Gaoxu also liked yellow oranges? Liu Gaoxu said yes, and planned to confess to Huang Chengzi after the match, and talk about Song’s upset feelings of being unable to fall asleep. This is how uncomfortable it would be to be preempted by others before he expressed his love. During the game, it started to rain heavily.

Tan Song bought a small yellow umbrella and waited for the yellow oranges outside. He liked the performance of a person. It was obvious that he wanted to do everything with him? Will think of him. After Huang Chengzi came out, she played with Tan Song in the rain with her little yellow umbrella… Liu Gaoxu once again talked about confession to Huang Chengzi and asked where would he choose? Want to talk about Song, help him chase Huang Chengzi, but talk about Song but said that it is his own business, he will not help Huang Chengzi’s happiness, Huang Chengzi chooses his Liu brother to chase her,

Then please show your sincerity. Liu Gaoxu, after you arrived at the station seriously, Liu Gaoxu still didn’t forget that he wanted to go home with Huang Chengzi but was stopped by Tan Song, but the next day Liu Gaoxu came to talk to Song and watched the two of them hang out. The family who accompanied Chen watched the game the most, and he was also listless. Chen said that Tan Song was very concerned about Huang Chengzi and Xu going out to play. He told Tan Song that he liked yellow oranges. He admitted that Chen most encouraged Tan Song to chase yellow oranges and said Huang. Orange may also like him… Liu Gaoxu intends to confess to Huang Orange, Tan Song ran out, frantically looking for Huang Orange…

The clownfish in the aquarium looks very beautiful against the light. Chen is the most heartwarming to wish the clownfish information tonight. A group of children asked what are females and males? Before Chen Zui and Zhu wandered in the aquarium tonight, they were given a pair of pendants by children with scientific ocean knowledge. They mistakenly thought that they were a couple and wished them two to grow old. They looked at each other and smiled. Speaking again, I think Chen Zui should be extremely happy at this moment.

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