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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 14 Recap

Poor parents talk about Song coming to Huangchengzi’s house

When Huang Chengzi, a bookstore class, accompanied Zhu to buy a book tonight, she picked up a book and looked at the cover of the book. She inadvertently remembered the scene of Tan Song holding the yellow orange while avoiding the city management. She was very puzzled.

At that time, after overhearing the girl behind was talking about how she likes to behave like a person… I didn’t see Tan Song after school. He Jinchao said that Tan Song accidentally smashed the leader of the cheerleading team and sent her home, Huang The oranges became so jealous, and the anger went away.

Zhu Jinxiao and Chen seemed to have noticed something, only the stupid He Jinchao who knew nothing. Sure enough, you want to know that someone doesn’t care about you, that is, when a competitor appears, your emotions must be very unstable. Tan Song is not only good at playing basketball, but he is also handsome. Since sending the cheerleader home, the cheerleader has always appeared next to Tan Song.

He gave him water when playing basketball and launched a strong offensive. Xiang Tansong Asking for a phone number, I asked Tan Song to watch a movie. Huang Chengzi seemed to have overturned the jealous jar, and his mood became unstable. I began to think about how Tan Song suddenly liked him so many people? In fact, many people have always liked him, but she hadn’t noticed it. When she was able to detect it, it also represented her heart.

Huang Chengzi’s exam was so bad, Huang’s mother decided to enroll him in a cram school on Saturday and weekend, but Huang Chengzi said that the cram school is very expensive. Huang’s mother is also a very strong person. She insisted on enrolling Huang Chengzi for a cram school. what! In order to allow Huang Chengzi to go to cram school, he also bought a pair of Adidas shoes for him.

Huang Chengzi began to avoid confronting Tan Song. Tan Song also seemed to notice that Huang Chengzi was wrong, and asked what happened to Huang Chengzi? Huang Chengzi said that it was okay, but unknowingly mentioned the cheerleader Tang Wenqi, Tan Song felt a little bit of joy in his heart, Tan Song explained to her that although Tang Wenqi liked him, he clearly refused, and said He has many flavors of chocolate, let her pick it, and the knot of the yellow orange is also opened.

In the cram school because of a problem with the power supply system, the students can move freely for the time being. In order to drink free water, Huang Chengzi accompanies her classmates out to buy things. By the way, she accompanies her classmates to the barber shop. She was getting a haircut and happened to be caught Seeing, his mother asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up?

Huang Chen said about writing novels. This time, her mother was very calm and reasoned with her, hoping that she could study hard. Her sad mother didn’t want to hear Huang Chengzi’s explanation, so she called Tan Song because she couldn’t express her inner grievance. , Tan Song told her a joke to make her happy, and Huang Chengzi fell asleep listening to the joke.

Because of this, the relationship between the mother and daughter was temporarily frozen. At night, Dad Huang brought yellow oranges out to eat noodles. Huang Chengzi said that she would wait for her mother to realize her mistake and insist that she was right, but Dad Huang helped. She analyzed the bits and pieces her mother had done for him. Her mother asked her to study hard so that she could have more choices in the future, and she didn’t want her to regret it in the future.

How can parents not love their children? In front of you may be fierce, but in front of outsiders it is to show off or praise. With the help of Dad Huang, the relationship between the father and daughter was cleared up, and Huang Chengzi also understood how his mother thought about him.

Because the Chiang Mai aunt got married, Huang’s father and Huang’s mother went to Thailand. There were only yellow oranges in the house. Grandma Tan Song was worried and let Tan Song stay for one night. Because of this opportunity, I think the relationship between the two people may be able to heat up, maybe. The big guy is here, Huang Chengzi’s family played games with her…

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