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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 46 Recap

When the altar is opened, the emperor of the monster race will sacrifice with dragon blood, and Nezha rushes to the magic palace to stop him, so he cooperates with the magic weapons and fights against the dark messenger with all his strength, and the two fight equally. The demon emperor had long seen through Nezha’s tricks, deliberately delaying time, but at the moment there should be no further delay, so he ordered the fire dragon envoy to come forward to help, taking advantage of it, cast a spell to Nezha, the fire dragon and the suffering, and then restore the memory and illusion Prototype of flaming gun.

Xiaolong Nu, accompanied by Moang, personally declares war to Snake Ji, asking to fight alone, if she loses, she will give her silver water tokens with both hands; if she wins, she will recover everything she lost by her father, no matter the whole seat East China Sea Dragon Palace, or the lives of Snake Ji and Demon Emperor himself. Unexpectedly, Moang focused on the fierce battle at the altar, and did not find that Yu Ji was secretly messing up. When he reacted, he saw Xiao Long Nu as hiding the poison dart, but let Snake Ji snatch the silver water token.

Snake Ji’s villain’s behavior directly knocked the little dragon girl off the altar and trapped her and Moang within the barrier. The little dragon girl gnashes her teeth and accuses Snake Ji’s rebellion, especially when Yu Ji knows about the silver water token spell, including the news of the death of Water Elf and Ao Jie, she suddenly falls into grief, both hate and angry.

Following the order of Aojie, the shrimp soldiers and crabs secretly sneaked into the dungeon to take away the Four Seas Dragon King. As a result, everyone had time to escape, but was caught by the Dark Messenger. On the altar, the Dark Envoy tied the Sihai Dragon King to the stone pillar until Taihao Zheng was completely decayed. The Yaozu Great Emperor planned to start refining magic power with the help of gold and silver water tokens. Unexpectedly, the Sihai Dragon King would cheat and the Dark Envoy and Yu Ji would join forces. Planning a betrayal is true.

The demon emperor was hurt in his heart, and Yu Ji raised the hairpin left by her mother to confess her true identity. The demon emperor was seriously injured and fell in front of the fish-monster’s door. Later, he was saved by the fish-monster and fell in love with him. However, the demon emperor did not forget his grand cause, so he left the hairpin and left without saying goodbye. He immediately married Snake Ji’s mother and established a magic palace, causing the fish demon to be depressed and exhausted.

Seeing that the demon emperor had become a defeated general, the dark messenger suddenly became arrogant and arrogantly claimed that the snake girl was deliberately planning to seize the demon clan. Even though the demon emperor had been brilliant for a while, they still betrayed their relatives. The Demon Emperor was furious, and instantly absorbed the dark messenger and the snake fairy demon energy, and severely wounded both of them to the ground. The dark messenger held Snake Ji’s hands before his death and asked if she had loved herself, but Snake Ji told the truth, causing him to burst into laughter and burst into tears.

Yu Ji saw the dark messenger cruel and ruthless, killing his own daughter and subordinates on the spot, only to feel shocked, only to offer the Four Seas Dragon King for him to practice. The Dragon King of the Four Seas died at the altar, and the little dragon girl was in pain, but Nezha suddenly flew up. Aojie broke the barrier and restored everyone’s freedom. Yu Ji took advantage of the chaos and hid in the dark to spy.

Now that the five magic weapons have returned to their place, Nezha’s mana has greatly increased. The dragon promptly used the gold and silver water tokens to help each other. The two teamed up to fight the demon emperor, eventually beheading the demon emperor, the soul flew away, and a strand of demon knowledge entered the water dancer necklace. The demon emperor was destroyed, the Dragon King of the Four Seas was reborn, and the East China Sea Dragon Palace was completely regained. Everyone knew that Prince Ao Jie had endured the humiliation. Ao Guang was very pleased and proud of his son.

Ne Zha helped the Shui Clan calm the four seas and three realms and made great contributions. The little dragon girl walked to Ne Zha, thanked him, and smiled shyly. Mo Ang stood by and witnessed this scene, both joy and sadness. He couldn’t help but remember that he had a crush on the little dragon girl in Kunlun Immortal Courtyard, and Nezha asked him to confess as soon as possible.

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