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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 45 Recap

At the time when everyone was discussing, Snake Ji had already led the demon soldiers to the outskirts of Shenyi Mountain, and Bai Ze was seriously injured. Only Qingluan took the responsibility and led everyone to fight the demon soldiers. Zhu Nai accidentally found the fire dragon messenger, so he stopped him and Yu Ji on the way, and yelled angrily. However, he lost his skill and was attacked by the fire dragon and died.

Originally, Yu Ji was going to see Snake Ji with Fire Dragon, but Moang suddenly appeared and blamed her for betraying the princess’s trust. Yu Ji was quite injured. Knowing that Moang had never believed in herself, she simply took out the long-cherished ring and jade spike, destroyed it on the spot, and immediately fought with him. Fortunately, Nezha came in time. At this time, the enchantment of Shenyi Mountain collapsed, everyone completely restored their memory, Feng Xiaoge and Shenhuo Girl returned to their positions one after another, and only the fire dragon was kept in the dark, continuing to serve the monster clan.

Fire Dragon and Yu Ji joined forces to kill General Guinu, and then left to see Snake Ji. Snake Ji was very annoyed because the forward army was all destroyed and the Silver Water Token had not yet succeeded. She returned to the East China Sea Dragon Palace with the Gold Water Token, broke into the Water Elf’s bedroom, and directly exposed her and Aojie’s affair.

Ao Jie had a clear conscience, and the Water Elf made a counterattack. Snake Ji seriously injured Ao Jie. She wanted to use his life to threaten Ao Jie. In the end, the Water Elf had to say the golden water token spell to save Ao Jie, but she did not expect that Snake Ji did not release it. The two left, even using the two life sacrifice cards. Ao Jie stood in front of the water elf until he was drained of blood. The water elf was in grief and sacrificed himself to resurrect Ao Jie after Snake Ji left.

The painting sky illusion was broken, the spirit beast tribe suffered heavy casualties, and the battle between the dragon tribe and the demon tribe was inevitable. Nezha and others must eliminate the Demon Emperor as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences are unpredictable. Qing Luan couldn’t let go of the news of Huo Liuli’s death, and was even angry that they broke into the Divine Mountain without permission, that’s why they made the current situation.

However, Bai Ze took into account the presence of the immortal turtle, and also understood the truth of the death of the lips and the teeth, so he was willing to hand over the silver water token, but he asked the foreigners to stay in the fantasy world. It just so happened that the guilt of the immortal turtle caused the damage to the painting illusion, and he simply chose to stay, and the patron saint of Yishan was innocent.

Everyone was divided into two groups. Moang and Xiaolongnv knew how to water, and they took the silver water token to the East China Sea Dragon Palace to stop the snake girl and avoid the four dragon king altars. As for Nezha, he went to the magic palace to deal with the monster emperor. The turtle immortal wanted to let the turtle soldiers follow Nezha. As a result, Nezha showed four magic weapons and turned them into human forms, indicating that he did not need the help of the turtle soldiers, but stayed in the mountain to protect everyone.

Yu Ji came to the center of the altar, recalling her mother’s recounting of her past with the demon emperor before she was alive, her hatred was a little bit stronger in her heart, and she vowed to pay for it. The Dragon King of the Four Seas discovers that Taihao is gradually declining. He knows that the conspiracy of the Great Emperor of the Monster Race is about to succeed. Aoqin, the Second Dragon King, is panicked. The appearance of the demon soldier shows that Snake Ji has not found the Silver Water Token.

Ao Guang, the dragon king of the East China Sea, blames himself for marrying a temptress, and makes the whole world restless, but Ao Run said that he also blames everyone for their own affairs, and the negligence of contact will allow Snake Ji to take advantage. When the world was in a drought, the Jade Emperor held accountable all over the world. Ao Run knew that the eldest brother always rained on time, and the score was not bad, so he suspected that Snake Ji was bewitching it. Unexpectedly, Snake Ji’s clever tongue is like a tongue, not only makes Ao Run speechless, but also flatters Ao Qin and Ao Shun to win people’s hearts.

At the same time, the emperor of the Monster Race finally waited until Taihao was declining, and the Monster Race could finally make a comeback, rewrite history, and contemplate the world.

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