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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 44 Recap

After Qiongqi broke through the seal, he made chaos everywhere in Shenyi Mountain. It happened that Li Chufei led his family to chase Ling’er, and everyone strayed into the chaotic forest, which attracted a lot of strangers and was eaten one after another. Only Li Chufei and Ling’er were left.

The poison of Qiongqi in Li Chufei’s body, originally Qiongqi wanted to control him to capture Ling’er, but Li Chufei broke free from the shackles at a critical moment and sacrificed himself to protect Ling’er from harm, and was eventually killed by Qiongqi. Li Chufei expressed his apologies to Ling’er before his death. Because of Li Chufei’s death, Li Chufei recalled his spiritual consciousness, separated from his wrist, and flew towards Nezha.

Due to the emergence of the Universe Circle, Nezha gradually recovered his memory, remembering all the previous things, and suddenly his mana surged, fighting death against Qiongqi, making it difficult for him to move. Qiongqi became angry and released the strange poison. The poison of Qiongqi enveloped the entire Shenyi Mountain. Huo Liuli took care of the safety of the people of the Shenyi Mountain, so she took out the only life-saving antidote to save everyone, but she herself gave up her life.

Originally, Yu Ji took the fire dragon messenger to get the silver water token, but the token was summoned by the fire glass and went to the Chaos Forest to resist the Qiongqi attack. However, Huo Liuli’s spirits and souls disappeared, and the silver water token was not as powerful as before. In addition, Qiongqi belonged to the ancient beast. Even if a few people joined forces, they still couldn’t destroy it, so they could only leave first.

Nezha put the Water Dancer necklace around Xiaolongnv’s neck, and Xiaolongnv retrieved all her memories accordingly, remembering what the Turtle Fairy had said before she entered the fantasy world of painting. Fortunately, there is still a way to deal with Qiongqi, because Xiaolongnu and Baize are Taiyin and Shaoyang, and Nezha and Yinshui tokens are Sun and Shaoyin. As long as the three of them are combined with the token, the four elephants can be woven. Suo Lin cloth successfully sealed Qiong Qi.

Afterwards Nezha took advantage of Qiongqi’s trap and destroyed it with the universe circle. Ling’er was still holding Li Chufei, planning to go back to the Chaos Forest to find the answer first, and wanted to explore the reason. Xiaolongnv had to make a detour with Baize and return to Shenyi Mountain. Nezha was not worried about Ling’er, so she accompanied her to the place where Li Chufei’s body was. As a result, Li Chufei’s body disappeared, leaving only blood-stained leaves on the scene.

Ling’er looked sadly at the leaves, and knew that Li Chufei was not heinous, but because he was burdened with family responsibilities and curses, he would try his best to find spirit beasts to weave. Nezha thinks it’s time to let things go, especially when she sees Ling’er burst into tears, she just reached out to wipe her tears, but because of Nezha’s touch, she suddenly remembered her little bit in Kunlun Xianyuan, immediately. Changed back to Hun Tian Ling prototype.

Now that the altar is completed, the water spirit sees Aojie’s heavy face and simply speaks to comfort him. Even if the altar is not passed through his hands, it will be handed over to others in the future. It would be better to personally supervise and plant the trap, which will bring a fatal blow to the monster race in the future.

The dark messenger stood by the door listening and witnessed the conversation between the two. Snake Ji received a message from the fire dragon messenger and learned that the defense of Shenyi Mountain had been destroyed, so she could not help but rejoice and immediately launched a large army to attack the empty island.

At the same time, the ancient god scroll disappeared out of thin air, and the mountain of gods fell from the sky to sink into the empty island. The turtle immortal had to inform all turtle soldiers to prepare for battle to prevent the snake girl from entering the fantasy world.

The current Huatian fantasy realm barrier is about to collapse, and the monster race has already occupied the world. If the Shenyi Mountain is destroyed, the three realms will no longer have a foothold for the spirit beast race. Bai Ze was injured, but he still rushed to the hall with a strong support, and used the silver water token to protect everyone. I hope everyone can work together to fight the snake girl.

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